10 Best Haunted House Supplies for Halloween

Read Top 10 Haunted House Supplies for Halloween. Halloween is one of the most famous event where haunted houses supplies for Halloween are made to creep out people in the month of October. But to be able to contribute to the event of to make your house look haunted, everyone must have few essential supplies that bring out the creepy and scary feeling of the festival. Here are 10 Best Haunted House Supplies for Halloweens listed below that will enable you to make the best haunted house in town. So, what are you waiting for start listing these from below!


Candles are very basic when haunted house comes into mind, but these make all the difference by giving the creepy, low light look. As soon as you light up lots of candles in a place, it spreads a flickering light everywhere making the place look spooky. But, remember to keep people safe use the flameless candles or the candelabra so that a fire doesn’t start even if the candles fall down. This makes the place spooky even if there is no scary thing present.

9.Spider Webs

Spider webs showcase that the place hasn’t been used since a decade, place these webs on your furniture, doorways, railings or walls to make the place look like it has been abandoned and has never seen a human figure in decades.

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8.Sheets to Cover Furniture

One of the best 10 Haunted House Supplies for Halloween is to keep the spooky abandoned house theme, add white sheets over your furniture and throw a little dust over them to show that no one has lived here for years. Also tighten the doors a bit to add the creaky sounds that makes the haunted feeling more real or you can always use sensors to make the furniture, floor or doors creak.


Every haunted house has ghosts! If you have a tree outside your haunted house hang some of the handmade ghosts with balloons covered in white sheets having black eyes and dim lights within it that lights up rarely to spook out the in comers. Also place these ghosts in several areas of your house and dress up like one to scare the living daylights out of the visitors.

6.Black Crows

In every vampire or spooky show, you will see the black crows hovering around the haunted place whether it be a graveyard or a haunted house. Place fake black birds inside the house, on top of cabinets, doorways, eve of your house to portray the ominous and haunted feelings.

5.Spooky Noises

Silent houses are considered as spooky but what about the houses having weird screaming or crashing noises? Insert speakers outside and inside your house and set up timers to play the spooky noises on your iPod and put it on repeat so that it scares the visitors.

4.Glowing Eyes

Who isn’t scared of someone looking them from the bushes with glowing cat like eyes? So, to create this look cut out different aye shapes from the toilet paper tubes and place green glowing sticks and yellow glowing sticks in them. And place these all around the bushes around your haunted house and let people get spooked!

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3.Turn the Lights Off!

Turning the lights off doesn’t mean to jut switch off the lights. Cover almost all of the house windows through the dark shades or sheets and leave a single room alone when the moon light shines so that it gives a creepy look to the house, also everyone is scared of the dark so why not use it to create the haunted house!

2.Lots of Leaves

To give a scariest and abandoned look, place the autumn dried leaves around your lawn, on your porch and even in some places of your house to spread the horror. Also place them under the carpet on the floor so that when someone steps on them the sound in silence and dark scares them!

1.Eyeballs and Brains

To enter in the haunted house, place some obstacles and games for the kids. Greet the with a bowl of eyeballs and brains that us cooked spaghetti and peeled grapes and let them find the key to the haunted house gate. Also hang the bloody eyes made out of ping pong balls and also leave some on the floor so that they can add to the spookiness.

Hope you enjoy to read this 10 Best Haunted House Supplies for Halloween list. Give your comments and suggestions.

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