Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World

Education is a basic requirement of this era and to be educated is an important factor to a live good life. In the different there are different standards of education and the quality of education in all countries also varying. In developed countries the quality of education if best and is on top while in developing the ratio is a little bit better on the other side in under developing countries very poor education if provided to the children’s. After quality of education the educational system of any country matters a lot. The batter will be the system good will results or outcome. There are some poor and worst educational systems running in the world. These Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World mentioned here in this list.

10. Mexico educational system

The education system of Mexico is worst in the whole country. The education system from class one to higher degree includes poor quality work and due to the bad quality of the work all education organization sand corporation have quitted their work with this country and the level of poverty in education system falls more. The results and work on education projects in this country is poor and the children’s are also not showing good results. Not the government of the country is paying attention to this and a large amount of fund had reserved for education.

9. Oklahoma

The educational system in this city is poor and the children are not good in Math’s and in science. There working skill at reading and writing projects are very poor. The efficiency scores of students in examinations are also poor. The pattern and teaching strategies are not running according to the requirements of the country. There is a need in the development of educational plans and strategies of learning and scoring.

8. Michigan

In 2010-12 the educational system and results of students are only 2% and there were no skills in students to compete in even the middle standards exams. The learning and marks scoring of children were very poor in the last few years, but now the government has made many policies and the rate of improvement is seen here. The reading and writing abilities at national level are now on the path of improvement.

7. South Dakota

The educational system of this country is worse than all others. All categories of education neither are week in this state and the students of the state are not aligned with the students of other developing states. There is a need in teaching methods to improve the learning skills and there is need to introduce the new and latest courses in the schools for better efficiency. The education score of the state is 63.2%.

6. South Carolina

The educational system of this country was very good, but from a few years back there is no improvement seen and no efficiencies and skills is seen by the students. The students of this state cannot compete with the students of other states. The education score of the state is 62.6%. There is the need of the improvement teaching improvements, practical abilities and learning skills. There are highest efforts are being made in this state in education sector.

5. Alaska

It is a state where the education system is very poor and also expensive. Students have to pay for all practical instruments and syllabus books and notes as they also pay fund for those with their fee summation. It means they have to pay twice for necessary things along worst poor teaching styles and school facilities. Teaching methods and examinations patterns are very poor here. The education score in this state is 62.1%.

4. Sweden

The education system in this country is very poor. The education system in colleges and in universities is poor and the research participation of this country in the world is very low. There is need of improvement at a higher level. All other sectors of this country are working well, but the education sectors and system is very poor. The students have no capabilities to compete at the national and international level.

3. Indonesia

The educational system of Indonesia is very poor. The system of this country is one of the worst systems of the world. This is a developing country and all sectors of this country and going to develop, but there are very less improvement in the education sector.

2. Brazil

The educational system of Brazil is also very poor and the learning and performing skill of students are low as compared to the students of other countries. The government of the country is working highly in this sector. The total education score of the students is 61.9.

1.South Africa

The education system of this country is very poor and is one of the worst system. South Africa is at top in Top 10 Worst Educational Systems in the World list due to its total score of students in different educational activities is 58.9%.

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