Top 10 Weird Looking Birds

Top 10 Weird Looking Birds

Birds are the most adorable kind of animals that we have in this world but some of them are really very unique in their looks and their habits which is why they are often considered as funny looking birds but that doesn’t mean that they are ugly or bad, they are magnificent and their uniqueness lies in their unique looks. These birds are found in different parts of the world. The Top 10 weird Looking Birds are described as follows:

10. Junco:

We think that the fact that Junco is the only bird which is the ideal bird to be known among all is not wrong. They are very small in their size and thy have brown color, with feathers which are soft present all over their body. Their body is small and round while their neck is short and their legs are cute and twiggy making them look adorable and funny.

09. Spoonbills

These birds are the most awesome weirdos that you will ever get to see which is because of their mustaches and their dinosaur lie scary looking feet. Their beaks are really sharp which has the sole purpose of stabbing and piercing in general. The tongue of Spoonbills is a little triangle shaped from the top which doesn’t reach further than the nostrils. They run around in the water by the help of their bills and feed on fishes and shrimps over there by making their bills go swish, opening from side to side into the water.

08. Inca Tern:

The moustaches of these funny looking birds are the main feature of their body which are their because of main condition. These animals, if are in better conditions will have long mustaches while the others will have short ones which helps those birds in more reproductive success than the others.

07. American Coot:

These weird looking birds are the major indication of the fact that not everything that floats into the water is a duck.  If you take a small close look at the body of American Coot you will find that they have scrawny looking legs which make them different from all the similar looking bids this way. Their bodies are very dark and they also have white faces and are seen in an open water territory anywhere in the world. They are sometimes confused with the ducks but they are in comparison to other birds called Sand hill Crane.

06. North Island Kiwi:

These funny looking birds are national symbol of the country New Zealand but you cannot deny the fact that their looks are just not good to be a national animal because they look like an unbalanced ball of fur at times having small legs and long beaks which are odd looking.

05. Tawny Frogmouth:

Tawny Frogmouths are the weird looking Australia species of this kind and are the types of bird which can easily be found out in the mainland of the Australia. Except for Australia, their habitants can also be Tasmania and southern New Guin. They are sometimes related and confused with owls but sometimes they are also referred by Australians as the colloquial names of Mopoke or Morepork which are used as a term alternative to the Southern Bobook.  Their body is completely filled with the rough touching furs and their eyes are big which is why they are considered as odd looking and funny beholding.

04. The Sage Grouse:

They are the largest grouse which are found in North America where they are also termed as the Greater Sage-Grouse. The adults have tails which are very long and pointed and they have feathers all over their body till their toes as well.

03. Magnificent Frigatebird:

These weird looking birds were formerly known as the Man of War. It was because of the exposure to their rakish lines and their speed and also because of their aerial piracy in comparison to the other birds too. They are found in Tropical Atlantic and some of the colonies were also found in Florida as well.

02. The Bird Of Paradise:

This tiny weird looking bird from the rain forests of latest Guinea has the strangest suit show. The male contains a massive mane-like protect around his head that expands into a large elliptical plane of feather.

01. The Potoo:

The potoo’s complicated patterns of grey, black, and brown feather fit tree bark. Throughout the day, the birds sleep, vertically perked up and just about indistinguishable from the dead branches they roost on. They awaken at evenfall, revealing immense eyes capable of recognizing moths and different flying insects within the dark. Potoos even have wide and opened mouths for catching prey throughout their fast, short, and silent flights. Though pairs of Potoos might forage among some dozen metres of 1 another, they’re primarily solitary creatures. They are additionally extremely restricted nesters. Rather than building a nest, they notice a branch or stub with an acceptable depression or crevice of simply the proper size to accommodate the one egg they lay.

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