Top 10 Scariest Amusement Parks for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of amusements parks are go all out for the Halloween function. During the day time Halloween is all about parties and family and friends and day out with them but at night it gets all scary and terrifying and so visiting these amusements parks can be very fun for the Halloween. Following are the top 10 scariest amusement parks for Halloween.

10. Halloween Horror Nights

It is a true dream for almost every thriller seeker because it is overflowing with enigmatically humorous live shows for the public and include jarring street encounters and also consist of haunted houses themed around AMC’s hit horror show The Walking Dead, shock rocker Alice Cooper’s nightmares for Halloween.

09. Fright Dome at the Circus- Circus:

It has been ranked as one of the top scariest attractions which are at this time present in Las Vegas and the reason for its fame is that the visitors are welcomed with the fog and the monsters that roam around within the street and the place is filled with haunted houses and scariest rides you will ever find.

08. Mickey’s not-So-Scary Halloween Party the Magic Kingdom:

You can check out Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party the Magic Kingdom this year if you want to take your kids along and doesn’t want to spook out a lot plus have great fun along because this Halloween event includes some great fireworks at the end and includes Boo-To-You Parade which has everything from Disney Characters to the headless horsemen.

07. Halloween Haunt Kings Island:

It is filled at night with murderous and scary characters and includes one of the most scariest thing in town which is the Easter bunny because it has a very extremely large head and is facial appearance just never changes at all which gives  a really exciting as well as fun and scary twist to the entire Halloween night.

06. HalloWeekends Cedar Point:

There are countess spooky and scary roller coasters and is very much fun for the kids and the family. During the day assume to see the pumpkin patch, mask-making and relish pony rides and much more. However, at night wait for to see a sinister house, the cut throat cove and the wax museum.

05. Hersheypark in the Dark Hersheypark

The rides here are called as the roller ghosters and include lots of attractions that are fun filled but very spooky. In the hometown village expect to get a lot of treats and sweets for Halloween. some of the spooky rides include the lightening racer, the comet and the wildcat.

04. Halloween Haunt Knott’s Scary Farm:

This event has been set for 24 nights but it includes nothing at all but spookiness and terror because some of the new attractions have been added here like The Tooth Fairy, Special Ops: Infected, Black Magic and Pinocchio Unstrung. The streets also here remain foggy so you will never know when anyone can scare you.

03. Phantom Fright Nights Kennywood:

This year is departing to be the celebrations of 13 years of completion of Phantom Fright Nights Kennywood so you must get ready for some more evil and coolest attractions ever. The undead will be creeping and coming back out of the grave just for this night where you will practice nothing but just plain absolute fear and dread.

02. Howl-O-Scream @ Busch Gardens Tampa:

This event will be set for about 18 days and will include new horror attractions unleashed for the public. A new haunted house will be there and creepy surprises that’s never been there before. The street will be jam-packed with beings that roam and absconding will be almost impossible for you.

01. Fright Fest @ Six Flags Great Adventure:

It is one of the best haunted themes amusement parks that can be visited this year and you will be spooked by the zombies, a Voodoo Island, a forest that is mutant filled, witch doctors, devils and many other scary things.

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