Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2020

Poverty is one among the main issues and it’s additionally thought-about as the mother of the all issues although they’re social or economic. It may offer birth to the crimes. There are such countries within the world wherever the individuals are still an excessive amount of poor to own the meal of twice to satisfy their hunger. Though the poorness is in every country but in some countries the folks live on the far side the low level of the economic condition Here are Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2020 per the stats of GDP per capita (IMF), Demographics (UN) 2019.

10. Afghanistan: GDP per Capita 514 $

This is one among the country that has visage several civil wars from its enemy and has experienced conflict since the Soviet Union invaded in 1979 that it has destroyed most of its infrastructure. It has been predictable that four out of five poor citizens exist in rural areas. Rural Afghanistan is poor due to its dependence on agriculture and informal labor markets. 52% of people lives below the poverty line.55% of people live on less than one US dollar per day.

9. Congo: GDP per Capita 501 $

Congo ordinarily referred to as democratic republic of Congo is a Central state having a capita per financial gain of 501$. the country faces civil war, rob of natural  assets and political confusion due to controversial presidential elections are its reasons for its economic downfall is that the same as for the countries declared on top of it.

8. Mozambique: GDP per Capita 484$

Mozambique is located in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east. It is associate financial gain per capita of 484$. This country has featured several civil wars natural disasters also Workforce dependence on agriculture o contribute to the country’s high poverty.  Lack of quality health and social service access,External debt. 

7. Madagascar GDP per capita 464 $

Madagascar is a country situated in southern Africa. 75% of the population of this country is living on less than $1.90 per day. An estimated poverty rate was 74.1% in 2019. Living conditions remain difficult due to severely affected by climate change impacts. Madagascar has the world’s fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition. military coups, corrupt dictators,political violence is the reason of poverty in Madagascar. GDP per capita in Madagascar is 464 dollars.

06. Central African Republic: GDP per Capita 448 $

It is the central African country and is also a land locked country just like Malawi. Economy is depending on the agriculture of the place and the disloyalty of the rulers with the public is the main reason why this country has its own downfall.

05. Niger: GDP per Capita 405 $

Niger is a state expressed at West Africa having French its national language. Niger has a good issue of gender discrimination creating it an awfully exhausting place for girls to survive. It one among the land barred countries and has financial gain per capita below the poverty level. It’s standing at the 186th position in HDI.

04. Malawi: GDP Per Capita 371 $

It is the sub-continent of Africa and is among the poorest country of the world because of the most poor communication system that they have. There are almost 47 land locked countries here in the world among which this one stands on number 19 with income per capita being only 371 $.

03. Eritrea: GDP Per Capita 342 $

Eritrea is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Sudan protracted periods of divergence and rigorous shortage has adversely affected Eritrea’s agricultural financial system. The economy of this country is completely based on the agriculture that is present here. It is an African country and the only thing main about here are the exports of the country. Cultural superstitions prevent sanitary practices, Limited access to clean water for rural, Eritreans Challenges in agriculture weakness to drought, High rate of illiteracy, Low Human development index, violence at the southern border and high rates of migration are the causes of poverty in Eritrea.

02. Burundi: GDP Per Capita 310 $

Burundi is one among the land latched countries having a population larger than its economy and it’s the fifth poorest countries in our list of prime ten poorest countries within the world. Its financial gain per capita is 310 $. Its folks are suffering through completely different diseases and issues like AIDS and HIV.

 1. Sudan: GDP Per capita 275 $

Sudan is situated in northeastern Africa .It is surrounded by Egypt to the north. From 1955 until 1972 they were suffered with civil war. By this time the comparative lack of economic growth occur. Most of the population lives in implausibly tough circumstances. Hard climate environment, civil war, poor governance, illiteracy and lack of natural resources were always responsible for poverty. According to news information, lots of community is dying of starvation or disease in certain parts of the country.GDP per capita is only 275 $ .

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