Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

The most essential thing that makes a country is their population. With population of the world being over 8 billion, people are spreading among different countries. Resources are what make a country stand out above all. Citizens are exactly the optimum priority of any country. With the help of different mind aspects of a human being the chances of inventions gets higher than a country with a small population. But the downside of the most population is that people are dying more because of it than the medical or natural death. With robberies, wars, crime, it all increase with the Population. Among all the global wealth and technology lies the basic driving force of a human mind. With that in mind, the most populated countries in the world according to World Population Prospects by United Nation Population are mentioned as under; Countries with higher rate of population are;

Check here the list of Top 10 most populated countries 2022

10: Mexico

Mexico has 127 million populations. With over 31 states and one federal district, Mexico is boasting its populations among the world. With the largest city residing people over 12 million among other 11 cities that has population higher than 1 million. Mexico is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with the technology, business and industrial trade. With evicting the rural areas by 21% in this year, Mexico is continuing its populations as people are immigrating to its high tech emerging cities, leading a strain to its growth, resources and economy of the country.

9: Russia

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

With the recording of over 144 million people in Russia. Russian is known for having the highest number of immigrants in the world, stating this country brain dead that’s slowly ending its resources as the population is increasing with time. Russian has an urban land population of over 73.7%. With Moscow having population over 10 million people, and Saint Petersburg having a population over 5 million followed by 10 more cities that have a population over 1 million people. Even if Russia is one of the most powerful country but the emerging population of this country is eating its resources away with not having much economical balance it might lose its title. 

8: Bangladesh

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

UN has recorded the population of Bangladesh being over 171 million people. Bangladesh makes 2.11% of world population. 39.4% population of Bangladesh is urban giving rural the higher land. Dhaka having population of over 11 million people, being one of the only emerging cities of Bangladesh, it is facing the strain of the population.  Not having more urban land Bangladesh might face backlash because of its fastening population. With no resources and poor economic condition, the future of Bangladesh is blurry.

7: Brazil 

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

The current population of Brazil is 215 million. Brazil is equivalent to 2.73% of world’s population. 87% of the Brazil land is urban. Making it a bit high technology compared to other countries that has less than 50% urban land. In Brazil, Sao Paulo estimates over 10 million population is just one city. Following is Rio de Janeiro by over 6 million population. With over 4 cities with over 2 million population, with other 9 cities having more than 1 million population. 

6: Nigeria

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

With 218 million population, Nigeria makes 2.64% of total human population on earth. With 52% urban land, Nigeria is divided in equal parts urban tech and rural resources. With Lagos having 9 million population, with one city, making it environmentally unsafe with the pollution and low economic resources. Other than Lagos, Kano and Ibadan have more than 3 million people with other 4 cities having more than 1 million people.

5: Pakistan

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

With over 235 million population estimated in 2022, making Pakistan the world’s 5th most populated country. With garnering the world human population by 2,83%. Pakistan is getting over populated with Karachi having population over 11 million with not enough land, making it one of the most polluted cities in the world too. With Lahore’s estimated population are over 6 million people. Faisalabad having over 2 million human population, followed by more than four cities with 1 million estimated population. With immense population Pakistan is lacking the resources to provide their citizens

4: Indonesia

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

According to UN, Indonesia estimates over 275 million people, with garnering over 3.51% of human population. Indonesia has 56% of urban land which is quite problematic if you have population over 274 million people wanting to use the resources of your country. With its capital city, Jakarta having over 8 million people followed by Surabaya having population over 2 million. Having 9 more countries with over 1 million population, Indonesia’s GDP rate is growing with days with resources getting utilized twice as fast.


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3: United States of America

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

The 3rd most populated country estimated by UN, with over 338 million people living there. The immigrant rate of United States is also high making it hard for the country to continuously providing community resources. United States estimates 4.25% of total population, with 82% urban land. With New York estimating over 8 million population followed by Los Angeles with over 3 million people.  With 4 other cities having 2 million and other 7 cities garnering over 1 million people.

2: India

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

India is the 2nd top populated country estimating over 1.38 billion people in just 28.4 years of existence with an area of 1,147,955 sq. miles. It’s unbelievable seeing the number of people that live there with bare minimum resources and basic necessities. India is equivalent to 17.7% world population and having only 38% of urban land. With Mumbai’s estimated population of over 12 million people, that is followed by Delhi with 10 million people. Bengaluru having 5 million with Kolkata and Chennai right behind it with over 4 million people, followed by over 9 cities having over 2 million population. 

1: China

Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2022

China is world’s most populated country of 2022 with over 1.44 billion people. China is also Asia’s most populated country. China is equivalent to 18.47% of world total human population with having a 60.8% urban land with high technology and amazing resources. China is not only world most populated country but it is also one of the world’s most powerful countries. With Shanghai population being over 22 million, followed by Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou with over 10 million peoples. Having more than 60 cities with over 1 million population.

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