Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Network Shows

Cartoons make up one of the sweetest moments of our childhood as we reminisce in old memories. And they still make one of the best escapes from all the stress and worries in this world. They are educational and entertaining and everyone including the generation Z has a thing for the old nostalgic cartoons from the 90’s. If you are looking to watch a new cartoon show or to rewatch your old favorite childhood cartoon shows. Then read below Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Network Shows to find out the cartoons that are loved by millions worldwide.

10.) South Park

South Park is one of the Most Popular Cartoon Network Shows. There are not many cartoon shows that have humor and lifestyle packed so intensely. It has one of the most loyal fan bases and fans wait for the next episode eagerly. If you have tried everything and are looking to try something new South Park will be our top suggestion. The show has both dumb and smart characters making their own types of jokes. Which makes the cartoons never-endingly funny and entertaining.

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9.) Looney tunes

If you grew up in the 90’s, the chances are that you probably know 90% of all the myriad of characters that this show had. This Tv show had many of the cutest frenemies including the Love and hate relationship of Sylvester and Tweety, Daffy duck and Bugs bunny and Roadrunner Vs. Koyote. Not to mention the other characters such as Porky Pig with his neverending good luck, Yosemite (The guy with long beard and cowboy hat) with his neverending badluck  and the ever so sweetest Granny.

8.) Courage the cowardly dog

One of the most widely discussed cartoon network shows is Courage the Cowardly Dog. Even movie critics mention the direction and writing of the cartoon show as one of the best they have ever seen. These cartoons absolutely did not take the horror element lightly. It has one of the best character writing, everyday a new creepy person shows up at the door, and they are creepy as in creepy, CREEPY!. Our Favorite characters on the show are King Ramsey, Freaky Fred and The Poor Mask Lady.

7.) Scooby Doo

Scooby-doo has given a number of generations a good spook with a good dose of humour in it. They have been a Saturday morning favorite of many kids for decades. And what makes this show so memorable is the number of times. It has given us epic Cartoon crossovers such as Scooby Doo meets Batman, Scooby Doo meets Johhny Bravo and Scooby Doo meets The Teen Titans.

6.) Adventure time

These are cartoons for the Gen Z, with a new type of animation style and characterization. The 90’s kids may hate it because of how different it is from the previous cartoon shows. we can not discredit the love and support that this cartoon show gets from the younger generation. It’s filled with the new “Gross and nasty” type of humor. If you are planning on watching a new cartoon show, this one is our top suggestion (especially if you love some self-deprecating and perhaps a little self-sabotaging humor).

5.) Spongebob squarepants

Spongebob squarepants has also been one of the longest running and popular cartoon shows. SpongeBob. Out of all cartoon characters in ANY universe has the most relatable personality. With his everyday failures and getting stuck in unfavorable circumstances without ever knowing what’s happening around. we have all found ourselves relating to the character’s life at one time or another. This also explains how he appears on so many “Relatable Memes!”

4.) Samurai jack

This may not be one of the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Network Shows worldwide but it is definitely one of the most respected as a TV show. What makes this show unique is its scarcity, you only get a few episodes every year. They are the most action-packed, story-packed and adventure-packed. It is no wonder that each episode of these Cartoons takes so long to produce, it is clearly reflected in the quality.

3.) Rick and morty

This tv show is a game changer in the cartoon industry. The dark and twisted sci-fi adventures facing the grandfather and grandson duo pack the coolest and perhaps (maybe definitely) the weirdest stories. With an IMDB rating of 9.2 this cartoon show has continually been one of the fastest growing cartoons in popularity. It almost has a cult-like follwing with one of the most loyal fan bases that can quote a whole episode word-by-word!

2.) Simpsons

One of the longest running cartoon tv shows with over 30 seasons and 600 episodes had to be on this list. This show gained popularity in its earliest stages because of the dark humor. You may see a myriad of cartoon shows filled with dark humor now, but what makes the Simpsons unique is the familiarity and bond that audiences from all over the world have formed with it. If there is any show that has remained as relevant in the present times as they were in the 80s, it’s definitely The Simpsons.

1). Tom and Jerry

Can a list about Top 10 most popular cartoon network shows ever be complete without a mention of the Tom and Jerry Show? The Tom and Jerry show has entertained more than many generations. The odds are that your mother and even your Grandmother probably grew up watching these cartoons too. In earlier times of low television availability, kids who are now adults in their 60s and 70s used to gather around the television as soon as the time for “The Tom and Jerry show” airing arrived. To this day, when someone wants to indulge in a little childhood nostalgia, they watch the Tom and Jerry Show.

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