Top 10 Most Popular Anime Series

we are providing here the list of Top 10 Most Popular Anime Series. Check it below

10. Elfen Lied

The first seven minutes of this anime are perhaps the furthermost brutal in anime history. All in all, this anime is high in cruelty and nudity, which is one of the details it’s so broadly known.

9.Dragon Ball

First aired in 1984, Dragon Ball is the primogenital series on this list. It appreciated high admiration during its time, and would later take two sequels. The reviewed version declared currently is not as famous, as fresher anime conquer the scene.


The anime series is still publicized on TV everywhere the world, and its sequel Naruto: Shippuden is similarly fruitful. However, Naruto is predestined at younger ages than furthermost of the additional anime series on this list (making it somewhat boring for older anime fans), and many of the characters are very stereotypical to shonen manga.

7.One Piece

I love this series, every single feature of it. One Piece repetitively delivers penetrating fights, demonstrative moments, melodramatic events, and most vital of all, comical character interactions and dialogue! After all, this is a comedic venture filled with your usual shounen elements (witty and hilarious elements)!

6. Hellsing

Quite frankly, Hellsing is just plain cool. Created on a still-running manga, Hellsing geographies one arc and several OVAs. Though opposing from the manga slightly in terms of design, most of the characters are the identical.

5.Death Note

Death Note is an astounding suspense Anime series, set-in modern-day Japan. It emphases on the queries of right and wicked, of moral and justice. The characters grip a high brainpower, and several plot twists make the theme volatile.

4.Full Metal Alchemists

Full Metal Alchemist and its sequel are set in industrialization era Europe, in a equivalent world where Alchemy is the highest science. It attentions on morality, friendship and brotherhood, philosophy, and equal trade. The anime topographies light action, uncertainty and humor.


Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Network Shows

3.Samurai Champloo

This show started a bit sluggish and took some time to progress, but really this is just the nature of this anime. It’s not about a unceasing narrative nor is it a character-driven plot. Overall I greatly enjoyed it,

2.Ouran High School Host Club

Looking for a silent place to study, Haruhi staggers upon the Third Music Room, a place where the Ouran Academy Host Club, a group of six male students, gathers to amuse female “clients. Most students come from well-off families, but in unusual cases, quality scholarships are decided to brilliant students from a lower income bracket.


Bleach is one of the most popular anime series. It was produced by studio pierrot. This series is so interesting .

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