Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in USA

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in USA

If you are planning a trip to America then here are Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels where you can stay and enjoy your visit to America.

10 – The Grand Del Mar

It comes among the top rated luxury hotels found in America. One of the best hotels where one can enjoy and relax.  It has won many awards for its excellent food and efficient service.  It has a golf court and a beautiful spa where ladies can relax and get their beauty treatment done. One of the best thing about this luxury hotel is it provides excellent services at a very reasonable price.

9 – The Langham

This hotel is located in Chicago. It provides the best food, ambiance, and exotic swimming area. This is a four star hotel. The staff members are very cooperative and friendly. The staff treats their guests nicely and politely. The food and especially the afternoon tea are the two main reason that why people love to stay at the Langham.

8 – Big Cedar lodge

Beautiful luxury hotel is situated in the middle of Ozak Mountains.  The view is fascinating.  The architecture intrigues the travelers.  This hotel offers cozy and spacious accommodation.  They offer both private rooms to stained glass cottages.  The food of this hotel is very delicious.  People from all the over world especially prefer this hotel for staying.

7 – Rancho Valencia

It is one of the comfortable hotels to stay at.  The view from the balcony is amazing.  It has a lush green garden and a roof top.  People can get the services of spa, swimming pool, golf, and yoga.  It is famous for its garden area which is expanded on an area of approximately forty-five acres.  The guests are given VIP treatment.

6 – Four Seasons Resort

This most expensive hotel provides heaven like ambiance.  It is famous for its seven swimming pools.  It is the best place to sit back and relax the atmosphere.  This hotel offers luxurious accommodation.  The food is absolutely delicious.  The service is excellent. The view from the hotel is mesmerizing. Due to all these, travelers love to spend their vacations at this resort.

5 – Mandarin Oriental

Five star rated hotel with highly professional staff. This hotel has a casino which attracts many tourists. The hotel is spacious with nicely furnished rooms and halls.  The staff is polite and provides top notch service to the visitors. The rooms are clean and quiet.  It is a best place to stay and enjoy the leisure time.  The food is their specialty. They have some of the finest cooks which make exquisite dishes.

4- Primland

Undoubtedly, it is one of the beautiful most expensive hotel. Every guest here is welcomed whole heartedly.  The ambiance is lavish. It gives a treatment of some royal castle to its guests. The staff of the hotel tries their best to make your stay unforgettable.  The bathrooms are clean and beautiful.  The view of the meadows and mountains is worth watching.  They make tasty cakes.  Apple cake is their most eaten sweet dish.

3 – Auberge du Soleli

This hotel is famous for its food. People from all over the world visit this beautiful hotel to taste their food. Beautiful swimming areas .  The view of the valley is impeccable.  You can enjoy while the sun scorching through the tress located all around the hotel. One can spend a quality peace time here.

2 – Ritz Carlton

Every room has an extended balcony. The rooms are equipped with latest furniture. The modern touch adds an exotic look to the hotel. This expensive hotel provides outstanding and efficient service. The decor of the hotel is very beautiful.

1 – Grand America Hotel

It is among the top twelve tallest building located in America and it is known well for its cooperative management.  It is huge containing seven hundred and seventy five rooms.  It contains separate conference rooms and royal suites. This expensive hotel provides the facility of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It provides top notch spa service.  They provide excellent service.  Many top business men prefer to stay at this luxurious hotel. The rooms are beautifully furnished.

These are top 10 most expensive hotels in USA if you plan to visit America do visit these hotels.

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