Top 10 Most Expensive Birds

Top 10 Most Expensive Birds

Birds are the most beautiful creation of the world. These are found in the category of animals, but unlike mammals, these are winged and two legged animals and like mammals, these have a different and a large number of races. Some birds are common and almost found in all regions of the world; including in these are sparrow, parrots, crows and other similar birds. These birds are found everywhere that is why these are not so expensive, but the birds those are found in limited amounts in the world are very expensive and are categorized the most expensive birds. The Top 10 most expensive birds are mentioned here in this list.

10. Rainbow Lorikeet; $600

It is a parrot and is known as most famous species of the Australian parrots. Australian parrots are famous and liked all over the world. People who like birds always buy Australian parrots and keep them at home. These parrots are expensive birds. These are not found everywhere; these are found only in the rain forests and woodland area of Vanuatu. Solomon Islands and Indonesia and some regions of Asia. This parrot is 25 to 30 centimeters longs.

9. Paradisaea Minor; $680

This most beautiful bird is also known as the “bird of paradise”. This is the medium sized bird and has a maroon colored body with a length is 32 centimeters. This insect in possessive for its skin and it eat insects and small animals. This bird is known for its polygamous nature.

8. Wood Duck;$700

It is also known as the Carniola bird. It is a bird which dwells and grown in Africa and people from all over the bird who like this buy this expensive bird form Africa and other regions of the world. This is found rarely. It is 47 to 53 centimeters in length. It has wings and feathers of different colors and different shades which give a very beautiful. The voice of this bird is also very sweet and nice.

7. American Goldfinch; $765

This bird is also known as the eastern goldfish and it is found in North America and is a small migratory bird. During its breeding time this bird migrate towards the North California and after giving birth to small bird these come back in the populated and green area of the country. It has conical beak which it use for remount seeds from fruits and seed during eating.

6. Northern Cardinal;$800

This most friendly bird lives in the South and North America and it belongs to the family cardionlidae. Its cardinal gold beak is also known as the cardinal bunting . Its total length is 12 centimeters and its weight is 85 grams. It can be closely identified as it resembles with catholic cardinal which is very common bird in America. Sunlight and sunflower seed are two things which this bird like and come out during the day from their nest.

5. Mountain Bluebird;$850

This expensive bird is identified by its blue and black eyes. This is also the most beautiful bird. This is a medium sized bird and it has a weight of 30 grams. The male version of this bird has light and thin, but bright wings and feature while the female version of this bird is of dull blue color. As the name indicates this bird is most commonly found on mountains? This bird likes to catch insects and eat them. The Eating of insects, berries and peanuts is the best work of this bird.


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4. Northern Oriole;$850

As the name indicates this bird is found in northern areas of the world. This most expensive and beautiful bird is also known as the Baltimore oriole. It is a small bird which migrates from one place to the other, but lives in northern areas only. During its breeding period, it moves to Maine and then after giving birth it turns back. The voice of this bird is very cool and it sings in a very impressive and lovely way.

3. Scarlet Tanager;$900

The race and physical characteristics of this bird are very similar to the cardinal bird. It has bright red and black wings. This bird has a yellowish and olive body.

2. Flamingo;$1000

It is known as the Wading birds and it is found in the Caribbean and North America. In the whole world it is known as the “Flamenco”. It can fly up to 35 miles in an hour.

1.Hyacinth Macaw;$1200

The weight of this bird is 3.5 kilograms. The characteristics of this bird are different and unique than all others. The population of this bird is decreasing in these days due to many factors. It is most expensive bird with price of 1200 dollars.

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