Top 10 Most Expensive Android Cell Phones

Cell phones have just change the completion of this world altogether as the cell phones are now considered integral part of one’s life. The new generation in particular cannot imagine now how their ancestors would have communicated so frequently. Mobile phones are not only used for the purpose of communication but now it means a lot in one’s life.  In the recent past we saw the mobile phones were added more facilities and technologies as the cell phone makers equipped the phones with high quality digital cameras, touch screen systems, motion sensors, high quality internet, gps and so many other things. But the thing which has totally changed the cell phone industry is the introduction of Android cell phones. Android is basically an operating system and this operating system helps the cell phone to install/ download multiple software’s/ games and applications which make cell phones just as good as a computer. So in short the Android operating system has made the cell phones a mobile computer through which all worlds is now captured in your hand. The Android phones are also called as Smart Phones in the telephone industry. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Android Cell Phones.

10. RIM BlackBerry P’9981 Porsche Design

Well BlackBerry is a big brand of making the cell phones and especially the smart phones. We know that the elite class in the world uses the phones of BlackBerry and they have introduced RIM BlackBerry P’9981 Porsche Design. The design is inspired by Porsche for sure as the name suggests and the cell phone is good as well. The prices of this Android phone is 2000$ in the market.

9. Lamborghini TL700

This cell phone is made by the motor car makers and it looks that the car effect is taking over the cell phone industry as well. But this Android phone is surely a master piece when you look at it, this phone makes you a fan of it for sure as it is coated with gold and the design is unique as well. The phone has got  3.7 inch touch screen and a 5 MP camera as well.The price of this Android is 2750$ in the market.

8. Tag Heuer Link

This cell phone is nothing special in functioning but what makes it special that this is coated with  2.53 carats of diamonds and the Android phone Tag Heuer Link is shock resistant and waterproof as well. Its available in different prices which shuffles with the amount of diamonds but the minimum price is 6770 $.

7. Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin

This classical smart phone is also covered with precious metals and it has got 8 MP camera as well. The cell phone is available in the market between 8000$ to 9500$.

6. Vertu Constellation

Vertu is known for making some good expensive phones and this model is also one of them as Vertu Constellation T is a Android phone which has a good leather looking touch with precious metals and diamond on it. Its price is between 10000$ to 16000$.

5. Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S

In this list something was missing and this was Apple. When it comes to smart phones how apple can keep itself behind in the race and Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S is the phone which has got something special for sure as this Iphone 4s is covered with precious platinum metal and diamonds as well. Whereas the “Home” button is also made of a diamond. It is available in 11900$.

4. Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S

GoldGenie is a company which covers the items with gold in style and this cell phone is a combined product of Apple and GoldGenie. This Iphone 4s has diamond buttons and totally covered with gold. This phone is expensive as it should be and is available in 29500$.

3. Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone 4

This Iphone is made for ladies but for rich ladies only as it has diamonds as well with three clocks on the back showing time in New York, Paris and Moscow. The price is 31000$.

2. Dior Reveries Haute Couture

Dior Reveries Haute Couture is a real expensive Android phone which is available in the amount of six digits. Its actual price is 107,000 $. This phone has got pearls, 99 diamonds and platinum metal.

1. Ulysse Nardin Chairman diamond edition

This cell phone tops the Top 10 Most Expensive Android Cell Phones list as it has got something special really as it has almost 3000 gems on it weighing 17 carat with precious metal as well. The expensive phone has the facility of finger print recognition to identify the owner. It is available in 130,000$.

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