Top 10 Most Dangerous Weapons in the world

Weapons were first created for the well-being and protection of one’s own self. Humans created the bow and arrow to hunt for food. This same bow and arrow was later turned into something more sophisticated to be used in wars and battles. Weapons can only be dangerous when the person who holds it is dangerous. The list below of the Top 10 most dangerous weapons in the world contains weapons owned by the military and are a symbol of high level of national defense capabilities.

10. RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade

The RPG does not have the most heroic history and is rather a reminder of all the horrific things that took place during the Vietnam war where both American and Vietnamese soldiers died in hundreds of thousands. But they were also useful when the Soviety Army tried to invade Afghanistan.

This grenade is one of the most destructive and deadly as it can wipe out a number of armored tanks in a matter of minutes. What makes it so dangerous is that it can be operated by any untrained person. This weapon requires the minimal training and can bomb as well as absolutely destroy and tame any heavily protected and armored vehicle or place.

9.      DSR-50 cal Sniper Rifle

This 0.50 caliber sniper rifle developed specifically for use by sharpshooters is one of the most dangerous Sniper Rifles one can use. It is highly precise with a bolt-action and 800 mm of barrel length. This gun is specifically used by the military and other officials to destroy any heavily armored and protected vehicles. Once shot, the bullet can pierce through any military grade vehicle. Lets not even talk about what happens when its shot at a person.

8. Flamethrowers

Flamethrowers are incediary devices that are basically obsolete now as we now have much more advanced weapons. But its dark history of being used in many wars and the gruesome and massive deaths it caused put this weapon on this list. The flamethrower works by filling it with fuel and then launching the fuel at the target as it burns. This device was heavily used during the World War because of how easily it could be deployed and controlled. Even though it’s just launching burning fuel it offers a high level of control and precision to the holder.

7. Schwerer Gustav

You have probably heard about this one before. One of the biggest and most dangerous weapons ever built to protect a country. The Gustav was a huge Railway super Gun. It embedded one of the biggest (31 inches) caliber. It was developed in Germany in the 30s with the main objective of attacking the French. Later, it was used against the Soviet attacks as well. It was known as one of the most dangerous military weapons and any country’s leader was scared to challenge it with a war or battle. It had a muzzle velocity of 820 m/s, the weight of 1,350 tonnes and needed a total of 3 days just to assemble it. It was used in many of the world’s most significant wars such as World War II.

6. Automatic grenade launcher

The automatic grenade launcher was developed by America during the Vietnam War and was used extensively throughout its duration. What makes it really dnageorus is that it can launch grenades automatically and it has an effective range of 1,200 yards. It will be deadly for anyone within the range of 16 feet of impact and can also severely wound anyone within the range of 50 feet. It can fire at the speed of 360-390 rpm and is extremely precise and controllable. This is one of the most advanced weaponry owned by America.


FOAB was developed by the Russian military to be used in non-nuclear bombings. The FOAB is a short form for “Father of All bombs” which says a lot about it. The thermobaric bomb can blast as much as 44 tonnes of TNT at once causing mass destruction in the target area. There are many rumours about its usages as news spread around that Russia has bombed Syria multiple times using their FOAB devices.

4. Chimera Virus

Chimera virus was developed by the Soviet Army to mass attack their targets without ever getting caught. It was named chimera because Chimera means a genetically modified animal that is created by mixing the DNA of many different animals. The chimera virus was created the same way, the Soviet army injected several viruses together including the smallpox virus to create it. The end result was that Chimera virus could spread with the same level of virality as the smallpox and it was so cleverly engineered that scientists were unable to understand it or create an antidote for it.

3. Tsar Bomba

Tsar Bomba is one of the most dangerous and deadly weapons ever created. It holds the power to cause the most uncontrollable destruction. What makes it especially dangerous is it can blast more than 50 megatonnes of TNT at once! Causing mass-destruction and deaths in the affected area. And it isn’t surprising at all that like many other weapons on this list, The Tsar Bomba was also created by the Soviet Union. If the Tsar Bomba is ever detonated, in a city as populated as London it will cause more than 7 million deaths!

2. R-36M (SS-18 Satan) 

The R-36M developed in Russia is one of the most dangerous and technologically advanced weapons ever owned by a country. The R-36M is an intercontinental Ballistic Missile which means a nuclar weapon that can be transported to other countries of target and can be detonated causing massive deaths in the country. This missile can travel more than 16,000 km and detonate itself. Owning this missile has made Russia one of the most powerful and feared countries. No country can ever think about getting into war with Russia because of the advanced weaponry that they possess.


MIRV is a ballistic missille and is owned by many countries. While some countries have a more advanced version of these weapons, having a MIRV-related weaponry as national defense is one of the greatest symbols of peace and national stability. MIRV stands for Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle, which means these devices can launch multiple warheads at seperate locations and can cause massive destruction in several different places at the same time.

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