Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes in the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes in the World

Female athletes are not just very strong, sharp, powerful and intelligent but some of them are very sexy and beautiful as well. As it is an old saying that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are most of us who do not mind looking at these pretty, sexy ladies any time of the year. Following is a compilation of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes in the World. That may range from the basketball players to the volleyball players and etc.

This list includes:

10. Maria Sharapova:

She is one of the most beautiful Russian tennis players and we think she has a clear idea about that as well. She is not just hard when it comes to being on the court, but she is also very beautiful, sexy, fierce and bold but she does not care about anyone or anything.

09. Danica Patrick:

She is American racing driver. Since we all know that NASCAR is the second most loved and watched game in the world. Danica Patrick has turn this whole world upside down with her beautiful look. She decided to give all her talents to the NASCAR games and now here we are seeing her as the best player ever. Moreover, even if she is not good at the game she is always pleasing to watch. Because she has the body to die for and the attitude that does not match any.

08. Summer Rae:

She performed in diva roster of WWE games and she has retired. When she has to be on the stage she do not just shim but she shakes and dances her way all though the aisle. This way she has now become the eye candy who is pleasing to look at.

07. Katie Lou Samuelson:

She is hottest American basketball player. This girl has recently become a major star in the world of sports. All thanks goes to the overall draft picking in WNBA, and she shined like a major star in the sky of basketball players in almost of their leagues. She is beautiful, her attitude towards the game and her looks are just killer.

06. Alex Morgan:

Alex Morgan is not just a random soccer player, she is also a gold medalist and one of the hottest girls that we have in this sport. She just not have the most pretty face among all athletes but her bold actions and sexy figure makes her look even more beautiful than she already is. She is also the youngest player of the national soccer team also assist in japan during the FIFA world cup finals making her way through.

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05. Natalie Gulbis:

She is one of the most recognized athlete and celebrity of the world. which is the main thing to admit to but she is gorgeous in her own ways as well. She is not just a professional golfer who is really good at what she does but she is also among the 115 best golfers of the world which is huge.

04. AJ Lee:

She is one of the beautiful divas of WWE that we have these days. But in order to enjoy the attraction that she has you must know a few things about her. She is a nerd, apart from being very sexy and beautiful; gorgeous which is the sexiest combination on the earth. She is all about the comic movies, the comic books, super hero movies. What not making her personality shine among others by being sexy in the most random way.

03. Elena Delle Donne:

She is probably the tallest lady that we have in this list and Elena Delle Donne is the champion of basketball sport. She has the potential to beat all of her competitors at once.

02. Alana Blanchard:

She is an American surfer and model. In the world today Alana Blanchard is one of the best surfers . She is an inspiration for all the women to do this. Not just that she is also one of the sexiest and beautiful athletes in the world. Her body is sleek, and with the confidence like her she can be very tempting.

01. Ronda Rousey:

She’s the kind of girl who can attract you whenever she wants, but also in the most sensual way she has in her. This is the beautiful thing that is happening in this world today. Ronda Rousey is a professional MMA fighter. She is known as the first woman to sign the contract with the UFC. which already makes her separate and different from every other player and athlete in the world. Ronda Rousey is at top in our Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes in the World list.

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