Top 10 Marketing companies in UK

Top 10 Marketing companies in UK

Marketing just may be one of the most complicated, intricate and confusing thing you may have to face as a business. In a world where everyone is coming up with their own creative marketing campaigns with the cleverest taglines and advertisements, its not easy to do it all by yourself. The list of the Top 10 Marketing companies in UK  below contains marketing companies that are suitable for big as well as small businesses.

10)  Amaze Marketing Agency

Amaze marketing agency is one of the most data-driven and technology-driven marketing agencies. The agency offers an array of services in both online and offline marketing platforms that no other marketing agency can compete with. What makes this agency unique is that along with digital marketing it also helps its clients maintain a good public reputation and formulate and conduct excellent PR activities.

9)      The & Partnership

The & Partnership was founded in 2001 and is located in London, United Kingdom. It has been awarded the titles of being the most creative and innovative advertising agency many times as its marketing campaigns always end up being discussed as one of the most entertaining and effective marketing activities. It’s trusted by big brand names such as Lexus, Toyota and Travelodge.

8)      Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Bartle Bogle Hegarty is one of the earliest advertising agencies in the UK. Founded in 1892, it has the reputation and credibility that no other agency can imitate. This agency is well-known for its creative work and campaigns throughout the world as it has offices in India, Singapore, Shanghai and New York.  It has made marketing campaigns and videos for big brand names such as Audi, Levis, Ebay, LG and Sprite.

7. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO was founded in 1991 and is located in London, United Kingdom. It is a creative advertising agency that has curated brand identities and campaigns for many of the biggest international brand names such as Mars chocolates, Walkers and Exxon Mobil. It is the number one trusted advertising agency when it comes to advertisements and marketing campaigns where the stakes are high and brands don’t want to risk their image and reputation.

6. Adam and Eve DDB

Adam and Eve DDB have grown to popularity quickly ever since it was found in 2012. When you want a complete marketing package rather than only online and digital marketing, Adam and Eve DDB comes into play. They focus on creating brand identity, their clients have continually worked with them because they believe Adam and Eve DDB ivokes feelings and emotions about a brand in their marketing campaigns like no other agency. Its clients include some of the biggest brand names such as Adidas, Google and H&M.

5. Gravitywell

Gravitywell was found in 2001 and is located in London as well as Bristol. They take a highly hollistic and integrative approach to marketing. If you have already been in business for some time and have already devised a marketing strategy or conducted previous marketing activites, Gravitywell will help you take it further from there instead of asking you to start again from scratch.

4. Directive Marketing Agency

Directive has been in business for many years and has its offices in many cities other than London. What sets them apart is that they only ctaer to software companies and help companies succeed in a highly competitve marketplace. If your business finds itself stuck in a saturated marketplace Directive Marketing can help you gain brand authority, increase sales and excellent ROI on your marketing investments. It has catered to big brand names such as Samsung, Allstate and Cisco.

3. Momentum

What sets them apart is that they not only help you when you are only beginning as a business but also when you as an old and experienced business are stuck in a problem. Their main advantage is that they will help you understand your own unique marketing issues clearly and deeply and then formulate a marketing solution. Instead of providing marketing services such as SEO, Advertising and Social media separately they combine many of their services together in the amounts every unique client requires. This helps the clients as they do not have to waste a lot of important business resources on each service.

2. Site Visibility

Site visibility is one of the earliest SEO and Digital Marketing Agency located in United Kingdom. It was found in 2001 and has been helping its clients formulate a marketing strategy from bottom to the top. It has one of the most loyal client base who keep coming back for repeat services. Their services include SEO, Website designing, Social media marketing, Paid Advertising and Content Marketing, They are one of the most trusted marketing agencies in UK and have been recommended by well-known SEO and marketing personalities such as Seth Godin and Tim Ferris.

1. Gripped

The name says it all for this one. Gripped was found in 2017 and is located in London, United Kingdom. What has enabled this marketing company to grow so quickly is its focus on a specific few industries and the B2B Channel. Gripped’s founders Ben Crouch and Steve Eveleigh wanted to create a solution that will help the quickly growing tech and software as a service (SaaS) businesses and therefore came up with the idea of starting Gripped. Grip helps its clients with sales lead generation as well as closing the deals. It’s an overall package for any Tech or SaaS business that wants to increase their sales and get a good ROI on their marketing investments.

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