Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses

Hollywood movies are among the most loved movies in the entire plant and every year people spend thousands of dollars to watch these movies. It is not just because the actors, humor, action or even the romance, it is also because of the actresses that are ruling the world of Hollywood film industry. These Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2014 are now earning millions of dollars from there movies and are in great demand by the public as well as the directors. Some of the most famous and the Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2014 are:

10. Mila Kunis:

She is among the most young and beautiful actresses of Hollywood. She has given us some of the famous and blocks buster movies including Ted, Friends with Benefits and Black Swan etc which has given her the fame that she has now. She earns around 7 million dollars from her movies but increasing constantly.

09. Scarlett Johansson:

Some of the famous movies of Scarlett Johansson are The Avengers, Iron Man, Under The Skin and Match Point and right now her acting career is on the peak of it. She began acting as career when she was just a small kid and since then she is only getting better with her work. She is pretty, slim, sexy and her acting skills are just awesome.  Her earnings are around 8 million dollars which are still increasing too many folds making her one of the top most and highest paid actresses of Hollywood film industry.

08. Natalie Portman:

She is one of the most looked for and searched actresses on the web and she has worked in many block buster movies among which the latest is the The Thor. Other great works of Natalie Portman are Black Swan and No Strings Attached etc. Her earnings are 11 million dollars.

 07. Sandra Bullock:

Her first appearance in Hollywood was at age 5 when she performed at an opera in Germany and later she started her career as full time actresses and rapidly earns great respect and fame here. Some of the famous work of Sandra Bullock is the proposal, blind side and practical magic. She earns around 14 million dollars from her movies.

 06. Charlize Theron:

She is the most famous celebrity of Hollywood film industry and is not just famous for her work as a model and an actress but a producer as well.  She was born on 7 august 1975 and is now living in Los Angeles.  She has given us many famous and popular movies such as Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, Monster and North Country and is also working on many recent projects which will surely be seen in the coming year. Her earnings are estimated round 15 million dollars.

05. Emma Stone:

She is now a leading actress of Hollywood and has got the acting skills that can keep you mesmerized for hours. She is very pretty, talented and does roles which matches her standards and personality.  Some of the famous movies of Emma Stone are The Amazing Spider, Easy A, Gangster Squad, and Zombieland making her earn around 16 million dollars.

 04. Jennifer Aniston:

She is probably the most professional and experienced actress that Hollywood has these days. Her recent biggest release was Horrible Bosses that has set records and has ruled the hearts of millions of people making her a top actress of the year. Her estimated earnings are 28 million dollars now. Some of the other famous movies of Jennifer Aniston are Wanderlust and the TV serial Friends.

 03. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie is associate American actor, director and humanitarian. She won an accolade for her performance in woman, Interrupted and is best famous for her critically acclaimed film performances still as her human rights efforts. Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is thought as much for her off-screen romances, adoptions and political policy as for her motion-picture show roles. Her estimated earnings included are 30 million dollars.

02.Kristen Stewart

the foremost eminent role player of the Hollywood and one among the highest paid actress, her role as within the motion picture Twilight create her the face of the Hollywood. Kristen Stewart has done some wonderful acting within the movies and acquires her place within the prime leading actresses of Hollywood these days. Her total earnings are 22 million dollars.

01. Jennifer Lawrence:

She is at number one in Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2014 list With 26 million dollars estimated earnings, another renowned thespian from the Hollywood movies is Jennifer Lawrence who gained a good fame within the Hollywood thanks to her current acting spectator movies. The twenty three year old have been therefore nice in her engaging from the flicks series “Hunger Games” and she is one in every of the leading actress of the Hollywood nowadays making her highly famous presently.

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