Top 10 Facts That You Did Not Know

Top Lists Mania Always Brings The Best Countdown! This Time We Made “Top 10 Facts That You Didn’t Know” All These Facts Are Mind Blowing. So Keep Scrolling ; Get Ready To Be Amused!

10. Left Lung Is Smaller

Its Weird But True That Our Left Lung Is Smaller Than Right One To Make Room For Our Heart. You Can See The Difference In The Image Above. It Doesn’t Affect Our Breathing Because Its Natural.

9. Coca-Cola Is The Second Most Known 

“Coca-Cola” Is The Second Most Known ; Understood Word In The World. You Must Be Wondering Which Is The First Most Known Word. The First Word Is “OK”.

8. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account

Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO Of Most Famous Social Network “Facebook” Was Actually The 4th Person To Get a Facebook Account. If You Type “/4” After a Facebook Page ( It Will Take You Directly To His Profile.

7. Honey Doesn’t Spoil?

Honey Is Known For Not Spoiling For Long Periods Of Time. But Actually, It NEVER Spoils. Some Archaelogists Found Honey In Tombs Of Egyptian Pharaohs & Tasted It. They Found It Surprisingly Edible!

6. Giraffes Have Long, Really Long Tongues.

How Long Do You Think an Average Giraffe’s Tongue Would Be? How Long It Could Possibly Be? The Answer To This Question Is Very Weird. Giraffes Have a 21-Inch Long Tongue. They Even Use It To Clean Their Ears…

5. Most Common Name..

Do You Know Which Is The Most Common ; Most Used Name? Its Muhammad. Yes, It is the Most Used Name In The Whole World. It Is Almost Always Used As a First Name…

4. Your Odor ; Your Fingerprints

You Must Have Heard ; Seen That everyone Has Different Fingerprints. We All Have Different Tongues too. But Did You Know That Our Odor Is As Unique As Our Fingerprints.

3. Babies Are Born With Blue Eyes

Most People Love New-Born Cute Little Babies. New-Born Babies Don’t Open Their Eyes too Often So There is a 90% Chance That You Haven’t Noticed That Babies Are ALWAYS Born With Blue Eyes.

2. Beetles Taste Like Apples!

What Do You Think Beetles Taste Like? Bitter? Tasteless? Well…They Actually Taste Like Apples. You Won’t Know That You Ate Beetles If You Eat Them With Your Eyes Closed.

1. Gangnam Style Was Predicted!

Gangnam Style Is The Most Liked ; Viewed Video On Youtube. It Was The Biggest Ever Hit Of 2012. But Did You Know That It Was Predicted By Nostradamus in 1503? He Predicted This With These Words: “From The Calm Morning, The End Will Come When Of The Dancing Horse, The Number Of Circles Would Be Nine”

Korea=Calm Morning Country (PSY Is Korean) Nostradamus Knew That This Would Start In Korea.
Gangnam Style=Dancing Horse Style. This Proves That He Knew About This Style.
And Gangnam Style Had 1,000,000,000 Hits On December 21st (1,000,000,000 has 9 Zeros In It)
Nostradamus Really Knew About Gangnam Style In 1503!

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