Top 10 Dangerous Cities in UK

God made the man and man made the cities. This is a famous saying and really the cities now days the cities have got all the facilities off the world. The city life is always great because in the cities we get all the major facilities like the health facilities, big educational institutions and other facilities. Therefore the city life has developed and now the trend for shifting towards the cities from the countryside has rose in the recent decades. The cities now have the residents from various parts of the country so there is a lot of diversity found in the culture of a city. Especially in the big cities where the residents are not only from different areas of a country but they come from various parts of the world and the difference o f the culture, religion and nationalities can make the city really offensive and dangerous as well. Because where the people of different backgrounds live there is always a danger of clash.

Especially UK is the region in the world where people come from all the parts of the world and there is hardly any town in the United Kingdom where the people from more than one nationality or religion do not live because the people come in big numbers to UK in search of the jobs and education opportunities as well. Overall UK is considered a really peaceful land for the opportunities but there are some dangerous areas as well where the crime rate is high as well and in some areas the crime rate has really rose up to alarming level. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Dangerous Cities in UK.

10. Blackpool

Blackpool is a small city in the North West England. This town has a population of more than 140,000 people and this small city has got an area of 13.46 square miles. Though this city is not that big but the crime rate is high here and annually a lot of murders and kidnapping are reported but main crime is the street crime here in blackpool.

9. Sheffield

Sheffield is a small town from the Yorkshire county of England and this town has got a population of more than 550,000 people. A big number of Asian and African community live here and this city’s crime rate is growing significantly and the incidents of street crime are rising especially.

8. Leeds

Leeds is an important city in the UK and this big city of West Yorkshire. Leeds is known for its football club Leeds united and this city has got the residents of more than 40 countries so there is always a threat of street crime and robbery in the night time now days in Leeds.

7. Rotherham

This is a big town in the South Yorkshire. Rotherham has a population of more than 257,000 people. Rotherham is the town which lies on the bank of river don and this city is troubled by a growing rate of crime now days where the car theft is at peak.

6. Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is the big town situated at the bank of river Tees in the South East England. This city was founded in 1830 and now this city has got the population of more than 363,000 people .

5. Manchester

Everybody knows about the Manchester United Football club across the globe and the club belongs to the city of Manchester which overall has now got the population of more than 25,000,00 people and as there are the residents of different nationalities and religions . The crime rate and murders have increased heavily here.

4. Birmingham

Birmingham is the second most populated area of UK after London. Birmingham is the city of central England and Birmingham and its surroundings in total have the population of 24, 000,00 . Birmingham has more than 10, 000,00 population of Asians. Birmingham is a dangerous place now days as the crime rate is really getting high here.

3. London

London is the biggest city of UK and it is considered the biggest metropolitan city of not only UK but from the world. This city has population of more than 11 million in total and where the diversity is so high than the crime rate is high as well.

2. Bradford

Bradford is the town situated in the Northern England. Bradford city recorded more than 500 murders in an year which was shocking and there is hardly a day when dozens of car snatching and street crime incidents don’t happen here.


Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland and one of the largest in UK. Glasgow is the trade and cultural hub of Scotland but unfortunately this city has been a victim of crime and violence as well. The city which has the population of more than 8,000,000 and this is rated as most dangerous city in Top 10 Dangerous Cities in UK list.

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