Top 10 Dangerous Cities in Canada

Top 10 Dangerous Cities in Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and though the living is very easy over there, living with safety is quite not the rule. The western part of the country is known to be more dangerous than the rest of the place and this is why the western cities are dominating the crime charts day by day. The top ten dangerous cities in Canada are:

10. Winnipeg, Man.

It has always been one of the most violent cities of Canada and has been the murder capital of this region.Beyond homicide cases there have been reported cases of robbery, theft, sexual assault and highest violent crime rates and there were 25 that had higher robbery rates than the highest robbery rate fin Toronto.

09. Saskatoon, Sask.

This city is known to have a high rate in many sever crimes according to the reports of the Crime Severity Index but several measures have been taken and the rate of incidents and errors are being prevented

08. Chilliwack, B.C.

According to the statistics that are given by the Canadian government the level of crimes in Chilliwack have remained somewhat steady since last year and A total of 8,446 criminal code violations have been reported this year  that falls in a variety of options such as assaults and murders etc.

07. Surrey, B.C.

Since the past few years the rate and the frequency of assaults, murders and rapes have increased significantly in this region of Canada but with some efforts there are many crime reduction strategies that have been improved and introduced to enhance the safety if the community and the people.

06. Grande Prairie, Alta.

This city of Canada has been among the top most cities having high rate of homicides, sexual assault, robbery, break and enters or aggravated assault that is all the crimes people would subordinate with the Most Dangerous Cities title.

05. Kelowna, B.C.

According to some new major stats release this year, this city has a much higher crime rate than any other city of Canada because the crime rate has increased six percent since last year and the index takes into account both the expanse and relative seriousness of crimes. The crime rate was almost three times as high as that of Toronto making this city one of the most treacherous one to live in.

04. Fort McMurray, Alta.

Sex, drugs and alcohol, this city is all about these three things the most which is the main reason why the crime rates are so high here and so whether it’s gambling, coke, meth, crack, weed, hookers or drink, there’s always something there that’s going to try and take you away from your consciences, standards and money here. .

03. Regina, Sask.

According to new statistics Canada numbers the crime rate and severity of misconducts in Regina and Saskatchewan dropped somewhat last year, but Regina still can’t descent the title of the murder capital of Canada.

02. Victoria, B.C

It is one of the most dangerous cities to live while in Canada where there have been many incidents and misconducts since the last few years among which 48% were property-related crimes and 12.6% were violent crimes. At a rate of 7,518 reported incidents per 100,000 people.

01. Prince George, B.C

This city has it all, name it and you will find the crime happening. Whether it is violent criminal code violations, homicide, attempted murder, sexual assault, theft of motor vehicle, criminal code traffic violations, criminal harassment, breaking and entering and other violent violations, this city has the highest rate among all the cities defined above.

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