Top 10 Commercial Business Insurance Companies in Canada

Finding a reputed and credible Commercial and business insurance company that is suitable and also affordable can be a very challenging task. It’s ideal to have business insurance from a company that not only has few good services but also offers a holistic solution that satisfies all of your business’s needs. The list below includes the Top 10 Commercial business insurance companies in Canada. We have mentioned all the services they include and type of underwriters and packages they have.

10. SRIM Insurance

SRIM insurance is one of the most efficient and customer friendly business insurance providers. What makes them one of the best is their excellent standards of customer service and communications. They have 3 online portals for communications where business owners can talk to an insurance broker and get a time-accurate quote in just 5-7 minutes. They have a wide range of insurance solutions including General commercial liability, Marine Insurance and commercial Property Insurance.

9. Liberty Mutual Canada

Liberty Mutual Canada is one of the best insurance providers when it comes to niche businesses that have a very specific market. Businesses that have very complex processes and operations find it difficult to find the right commercial insurance providers who will be able to correctly assess the risks and liabilities involved in their industry. Liberty mutual Canada is especially useful for such businesses as their insurance solutions are highly personalized and customizable.

8. Markel International

Markel international is just like any other commercial insurance provider. But what sets it apart from any other insurance provider is the myriad of insurance solutions that they provide. They not only cater to big as well as small and medium enterprises but they have also devised unique underwritings for other types of organizations such as NGOs and non-profits. They are especially useful for trading companies as they have insurance solutions tailored for the specific risks and liabilities involved with trading, such as Trade credit insurance and Protection against Terrorist acts.

7. AIG Insurance

AIG has one of the biggest collections of commercial insurance solutions in Canada. Why it is a trusted and reliable provider is because of the more than a 100 years of experience that it has accumulated. It is one of the best when it comes to risk management for companies and businesses. To minimise risks during mergers and acquisitions of businesses, companies use AIG’s insurances as they have one of the best underwriters that have years of knowledge and industry insights.

Insurances Available: Commercial property insurance, crisis management insurance, trade credit insurance and Management Liability Insurance.

6. Evolution Insurance Inc.

Evolution Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies for commercial Insurances. Its thoughtfully curated insurance solutions attract clients from different industries. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is the provision of unique solutions on the basis of the industry you operate in rather than the size and nature of your business. To mention a few, they have insurance policies that are tailor-made for engineering firms only and policies that have been adapted to the needs of construction projects. These highly specific solutions make it a great choice for many businesses.

Insurances Available: Insurance against Construction projects, Insurance against construction risks and failures, Flexible insurance solutions for engineering firms and Other commercial insurances such as property, automobile and Commercial general liability insurance.

5. Beazely

Beazely was found in 1996 and is located in Canada. It is respected and reputed for having one of the best Insurance underwriters in Canada. One feature that makes Beazely really stand out from its competitors is that all their underwritings and insurance solutions are tailor-made for each business’s unique needs and requirements. They cater to all sizes of businesses and have a solution for you whether you are a sole business owner or a multinational company.

Insurances Available: General Commercial Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Private Company liability insurance, Public company Liability Insurance and Crime and Fraud liability Insurance.

4.The guarantee

The guarantee provides one of the largest collections of commercial policies. It has one of the best Insurance policies against Cyber Crimes and Fraudulent activities. Along with these, they also have Commercial property insurance, General Commercial Liability insurance and Fiduciary Insurance. What really sets them apart from any other insurance provider is that they have been in Business for more than 140 years which makes them one of the most respected and dependable Commercial insurance Companies.

Insurances Available: Protection against cyber crimes and fraudulent activities, Commercial Property Insurance and Office Package Policy.

3) Arch Insurance

Arch Insurance was found in 2005 and is a well-reputed insurance provider in Canada. Arch Insurance is one of the most flexible and interactive insurance providers as it offers solutions that are suitable for the local environment and market dynamics of Canada. They continually improve their insurance policies and underwriting approach to suit the needs and requirements of Canadians and canadian locals specifically.

Insurances Available: Commercial property insurance, General Commercial Liability insurance, Commercial Automobile Insurance.

2) Economical Insurance

Economical Insurance caters to both small and large businesses. One of the big advantages of Economical Insurance is that it provides protection against commercial property whether you own it or are renting it. They provide protection against theft, property damage and natural disasters. Not many insurance companies provide insurance against natural disasters which helps economical insurance stand out as an insurance provider.

Insurances Available: Commercial property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, Commercial vehicle insurance.

1. Victor Insurance

Victor Insurance is one of the best insurance providers for businesses. They have a full array of different insurances for businesses such as Insurance against commercial Property which will protect the business against property damage, theft and fire. They provide insurance protection to businesses in many industries including manufacturing, contractors, retailers and wholesalers, educational institutes, technology and many other industries.

Insurances available: Commerical property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, Employee practices liability insurance, Crime Liability insurance and Fiduciary Liability Insurance.

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