Top 10 Chocolate Companies in the World

Well, there would be no single person in this world who would not be fond of having chocolates in their sweet dessert all the time. Chocolates are one such item that is loved not just by the kids but even by the young or old age group of people as well. This is the main reason that today every single person opts for the chocolate box when they wish their loved ones with Valentine or the birthday. So right here, we are discussing a rundown list of top 10 best chocolate companies in the world to pick your favorite one!

10. Kit Kat

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

Kit Kat is known out to be one of the top leading companies of chocolate in the market, which was created by the Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom. This chocolate is now produced on the global level by Nestle.  Kit Kat is available in different flavors in which we have dark chocolate as well as milk or white.  Japan offers 70 different flavors in Kit Kat, such as green tea, or soy sauce, and wasabi.

9. Toblerone

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

Toblerone is yet another known as the famous top company of chocolate. The reason why this brand chocolate has become the top famous is that they packed it with the ingredients of almonds, nougat, and cocoa. They shape their chocolate in different variations, which grabs the attention of the chocolate lovers.   

8. Ghirardelli

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

Ghirardelli is a famous known Italian chocolate brand which was established in 1852. This brand manufactures typically their chocolates based on different ingredients on which we have caramel, milk, cream, and cocoa. They usually sold their chocolates in the bar versions as well as in the tiny single small squares.

7. Patchi

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

Patchi is another top luxury brand in the market, which is popularly known for the ideal chocolate manufacturing.  The reason for this brand popularity has been its superior and mix form of ingredients.  They let their chocolates to be available in 50 different varieties.  This company is known to be the combination of Swiss as well as Belgium flavors. 

6. Lindt & Sprungli

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

The Lindt & Sprungli chocolate brand was established in the year 1845. This brand has made a big name, white chocolate flavor, which was globally famous. They even produce the most substantial chocolates inside the world, which is another reason for their massive popularity.  This brand is famous for its chocolate bars as well as truffles and sweets.

5. Galaxy

Largest Chocolate Brands In The World

Galaxy was established in 1986 and has been famous for manufactured dark cocoa chocolates at a great level.  This is popularly known for their chocolate bars in which we have milk chocolate as well as caramel, truffles, bubbles, and much more.  

4. Cadbury

Largest Chocolate Brand In The World

John Cadbury is the founder of Cadbury manufacturing company who established it in 1824 in London. This brand offers free chocolates on the Easter occasion. Their chocolates are generally based on the ingredients of milk, cocoa, and honey. They are working in 50 different countries.

3. Guylian

Largest Chocolate Brand In The World

Guylian is one of the most leading chocolate brands in Belgium. This brand started working in 1958 is one of the world’s first sellers of chocolate products. They are offering their services in almost 40 different countries with the high composition of fresh ingredient use.  

2. Ferrero Rocher

The Ferrero Rocher is popularly known for offering high-quality chocolate service for the last 200 years. They are known to deliver the services of delightful and sensational based chocolates in different flavors.  

1. Mars

Largest Chocolate Brand In The World

Last but on top, we have Mars! Mars is globally famous for its ingredients and taste.  This company was set up in 1923 and had been advertising and selling chocolates in different countries of the world. They offer their chocolates in different varieties in which we have lava, midnight, almond as well as a fling.

So these have been the top leading and famous chocolate companies in the world who are famously known for offering superior chocolate varieties in countless flavors.  Now you might be thinking which brand chocolate you should be trying first! Let’s start with all! What do you say?

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