Top 10 Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Every body of us has a fear of whatever. It would be something from bugs to the dark. People take a gander at VIPs similar to Cher or Johnny Depp and recollect, that they will have to be end. Regardless, even noted humans have fears. It does not subject how rich you almost indeed or how noted you possible, a while or an additional you might have to come nose to nose alongside your worry and stand as much as it. Check here the list of Top 10 celebrities with weird phobias.

10.Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg and Cher

Being hesitant to fly may just not ever again be a awfully unusual worry yet it was as soon as surprising to handle that each one of them three are hesitant to fly. In view that that one of these type of men and females are hesitant to fly they now have bundles close through to help you with overcoming it and ways that they may have the capability to guide you so you are presently now not horrified to fly. In the occasion that you’re anxious about flying you then experience the unwell results of aviophobia.

9.Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has this strange stress that a shark might swim through a trapdoor into the swimming pool. She’s additionally terrified of phantoms gerbils and loft vegetation botanophobia. 10 Celebrities With atypical Phobias.


Madonna is anxious about thunder. She has a horrendously dismal stress of it. Her trepidation of thunder is referred to as brontophobia. She moreover has a stress of fitting official and slipping in front of an audience but her stress of thunder is her finest trepidation of all. Who could of recommendation that any person like Madonna used to be petrified of thunder?

7.Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has a large stress of bugs, sharks and snakes. Will have to you are unnerved of insects or little bugs then you’re going to have what’s normally referred to as Arachnophobia. I do not criticize him for being confused about these matters.

6.Nicole Kidman 

Some of her acclaimed motion snap shots contain Moulin Rouge! Days of Thunder, Batman unceasingly and by means of a long shot. Nicole Kidman frightened of butterflies. Her stress of butterflies is referred to as Lepidopterophobe. In spite of what she does she said she cannot conquer her stress of butterflies.

5.Orlando Bloom 

Orlando Bloom is popular for being inside of the Lord of the Rings set of three. He’s additionally the important man in Elizabethtown. One component that you simply just would not consider about him is that he is anxious about pigs. Being nervous about pigs is often called Swinophobia.

4.Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson used to be extremely good with being circular wild methods of lifestyles within the movie we bought a Zoo however one thing that used to be no longer foreseen was once before her apprehension of flying creatures. Being dreadful of cockroaches is one variable nonetheless being panicked of winged creatures, is whatever else. Whilst you’re fearful of winged animals it’s referred to as Ornithophobia.

3.Billy Bob Thornton

The prominent performing artist Billy Bob Thornton has a massive apprehension of old furnishings. A few films he used to be in involve Armageddon and A simple Plan. He mentioned a couple of his worries had been overstated. He would not worry obsolescents like seats. He expressed sure, this even approach one of the vital important furniture that rulers would have utilized.

2. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has eisoptrophobia, or a fear of mirrors. Anderson’s phobia is traditionally particularly a worry of seeing her possess reflection of herself, considering the fact that she are not able to stand looking at herself on television, and even leaves the room if the channel isn’t converted. Might be all that plastic surgery is solely too much to control? In line with specialists, this phobia is established round superstitious beliefs and the inspiration that the replicate somehow displays the soul.

1.Johnny Depp

He expressed the foremost rationale in recognize to why he is unnerved of comedians is for the motive what you mightn’t tell whenever when they’re real completely satisfied or on the off chance that they’re shock and could worry off your face.He additionally felt comedians had a presents for possible actual hatred. In the occasion that you are alarmed of jokesters then that infers you may have a novel form of worry known as Coulrophobia.

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