Top 10 Best Zombie Costume ideas for Couples

Top 10 Best Zombie Costume ideas for Couples

Halloween is near and everyone wonders what they are going to be at this year’s party. Well for most of the couples it is very hard to decide their outfit but luckily this year you have plenty of zombie outfits to choose form and you can get some new and cool ideas that you can apply and make your Halloween much more fun. Top 10 best zombie costume ideas for couples  are

10. Zombie Circus Clown Costume:

You can now roam the streets with your partner after wearing this zombie circus clown costume that must include a corset style strapless clown dress in a checkered print with attached petticoat, cone hat, ruffled neck collar and gloves.  Stockings for girls are an option and depend completely on their choice.

9. Sexy Zombie Costume:

This sexy zombie costume for the Halloween mist include a blood dashed, elastic bengaline, two-way zip front dress with drawn-out straight jacket sleeves, changeable buckles with uneven hemline and matching hat with mental ward detail. Latex wound should not be included in the dress.

8. Zombie Waiter And Waitress Costume:

It is a complete couple zombie dress that contains classic collared dinner uniform and dress with a mini apron attached to it which is dashed and splattered with the blood stains along with the matching sailor cap and so you are ready to serve your customers at the diner.

7. Scout Zombie Costume:

After wearing this scout zombie costume with your partner you will truly become eligible in getting your brain eating merit badge  because this white and green costume comes comprehensive with a green ribbon and printed emblems, matching hair bows, a belt, a pin and a knife to help earn your artifact badge.

6. Ballerina Zombie Couple Costume

With this dress you will surely twirl in the dance of the undead because the attire is anything but ordinary. Girls will have a pale pink tutu dress with disturbing detail, stitches printed on the bodice, dithering mesh sleeves and smears while guys will have a dress shirt and pant of the same details.

5. Zombie Cheerleader Costume:

Zombie Cheerleader Costume is one of the best Top 10 Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Couples .This costume features you a classic cheer-leading uniform for both guys and girls but with scary zombie twist in it. Costume features a poly-knit ripped up and bloodied cheerleader top with long tattered sleeves and a dilapidated skirt. It also includes two bloody pom-poms and inimitably made blood covered tights.

4. Zombie Nurse Costume

With this dress you can chase your bloody patients and make your Halloween much creepy and scary because this dress comes with a torn nurse uniform and headpiece, both with screen printed physician cross itemizing, and a surgical face mask.

3. Zombie Love Costumes:

Fake blood and fake paint for the face and body will be required for this attire. The chest and body can be painted green along with other colors that give body a rotten look plus by using gum stick gun shots and wounds can also be made.

2. Zombie Prom King And Queen Costume:

Make this Halloween special by wearing and being this year’s prom king and queen of Halloween party. These are perfect for a Zombie couples costume idea and will also be a winner if you are in a costume contest this year.

1.Zombie Bride and Groom Costume:

Zombie bride costume includes shroud, eye mask and dress. The zombie bride costume is accessible in size women’s customary while for the groom the required materials include tattered grey jacket, shabby silver double breasted brocade confer, shirt front, jabot, and the hacked pants along with the top hat.

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