Top 10 Best Places in Spain to Visit

Every one want to have some change from there tough busy routine. But  where to go its difficult task to decide. Even in a country with various customs and variety of historical places  its difficult to decide where to go first. Like in a Spain a very beautiful country of the world having number of picnic places. Well I’m here to  summarize  for you; here are Top 10 Best Places in Spain to Visit.


This wonderful city, Found at the base of the Sierra Nevada, Spain’s most highest mountain , it offers extraordinary admissible outcomes for winter sports, and also swimming and water brandishes in the adjacent Mediterranean Sea. All around the city, you will experience singing flamenco. You can even visit their well known caverns in the religious community of Sacramento, where some still live and make traditional artworks. Granada additionally has numerous well known celebrations and functions dependent upon Moorish and Christian convention. For instance, Corpus Crista is praised with an extensive parade and bullfights, while the eminent International Music and Dance Festival is held at the end of June.


Found at the exact north of the Spanish coast, Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Spain.Despite the fact that the city gloats numerous stunning landmarks of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods. It is the construction modeling of the previous 100 years or somewhere in the region that without a doubt describes Barcelona. Indeed, it is a middle of Modernist construction modeling recognized specifically by the works of Antoni Gaudi. La Rambla, an arrangement of person on foot avenues lined with spots, restaurants, trees, and blossom stands, is an incredible spot for a casual walk; the Gothic Quarter, with its collection of Gothic structures, Roman vestiges and various bars and restaurants, is additionally worth a visit.

8. Pamplona

This tended to medieval town in northern Spain has numerous fascinating things. There are numerous heavenly landmarks like the gothic house of prayer is recorded as one of Spain’s most imperative religious structures. On marvelous mountain ranges round the city there are different worthwhile places which perfectly depicts the original custom of Spain.


In the same way that one might anticipate from the capital city to the  Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun), Malaga has astounding beaches and incredible climate. On the other hand, this vibrant town has significantly more to offer than simply ocean, sand and daylight. Indeed, you will run across numerous amazing chronicled landmarks, including the lords’ royal residence, Alcazaba, Malaga’s most essential building from the Moorish period. The city likewise has marvelous  building designs, attract greenery and an energizing nightlife. After supper, you have all the more energizing exercises to browse; there are five fundamental theaters displaying world-class emotional and musical creations, and in addition a few extremely mainstream clubs where you can drink and move until morning.

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6. Spanish Island

Spain is famous in Europe with its beautiful islands. There are four main Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca). Ibiza is famous place for party destinations. If you are going to Spain you must visit these islands.

5. Costa Brava

Mountains ranges between France and Spain.Today, it is home to numerous excellent resorts nicknamed as “Blue Paradise,” because of the  the finest beach on Costa Brava, and additionally some unfathomable sloping view emphasizing lavish crevasses, valleys and common springs.


One of the best places in Spain is Rock of Gibraltar, round about 3 miles high lump of Jurassic limestone arranged in the western passageway to the Mediterranean. It holds 143 caverns, in excess of 30 miles of street and numerous miles of tunnels. The town of Gibraltar depicts many historical valued of past; initially  in a twelfth century it was Moorish town. It was assumed control by the Spanish in the fifteenth century until it turned into a British province in the eighteenth century. There are additionally numerous other grand creatures to pay special attention to Gibraltar. As far as nightlife is concerned Gibraltar has various discos, nightspots and a gambling joint perplexing, open until the early hours of the morning.

3. Benidorm

Spotted in the Spanish locale of Alicante in the Costa Blanca, Benidorm is an excellent traveler resort emphasizing non-stop activity, especially in July and August. The gathering begins on the sunny shore throughout the day and proceeds until the early morning hours in the city’s numerous bars and clubs.
At the vacation spot, there are water games, ship outings, glass bottomed watercrafts. Also when the sun goes down, the wide determination of energetic joints, bars, restaurants, karaoke joints, and top-class worldwide nightclub acts will guarantee that you never get exhausted. In spite of the fact that the city is described by its notable high rises that extend the extent that the eye can see, a short drive will transport you into the amazing mountains that encompass the city.


This is the third largest city of Spain .Valencia, is an alternate prevalent traveler resort offering numerous sunny shores just a short transport ride far from the inside of town. It is likewise prestigious for having one of the biggest products of the soil advertises in Europe and also for its orange forests and vibrant nightlife. The rundown of energizing exercises and vacation destinations in Valencia is unending. There are numerous games accessible, for example, golf, jumping, cycling, and tennis. Attractions incorporate Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts and Science Park, and the Hemispheric, which emphasizes three diverse varying media shows: Planetarium, Imax and Omniscan Laser. The Palace of Arts, an inside for musical drama, dance, theater, move, and music, is additionally worth going to.

1.San Sebastian

San Sebastian is one of the beautiful tourist spot in Spain to Visit. It is situated on three slopes aside the bey of La Concha (The Shell).Its three astonishing beaches have pulled trillions of tourists yet. Playa de la Concha is the most great sunny shore in San Sebastian, best shore for swimming .When you’re burnt out on the shore, head to the Old Town ( Parte Vieja ), which is loaded with fine fish restaurants and enthusiastic tapas bars. After supper, in case you’re up for celebrating, you can hit the stylish bars and clubs along the Paseo de la Concha footpath unforgettable trip.

These are worth watching and every year millions of tourist use to visit these places. But besides Listening to others your own personal interests, good memories , friends are family company and  your budget are the basic things responsible for your every good and unforgettable trip.

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