Top 10 Best IT online Colleges in USA

Top 10 Best IT online Colleges in USA

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) plans a 32% increase in job opportunities for information security analysts from 20 to 20-22 years, which could result in the creation of 3,500 cyber security jobs. As cyber security and data breaches are on the rise, organizations are calling for workers to stop hackers from stealing sensitive information. Online Bachelors in Information technology enables graduates to find employment in this exciting and fast-growing field. Check here the list of Top 10 Best IT online Colleges in USA.

10. University of South-Florida, Main Campus:

Founded in 1956, USF offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs from its main campus in Tampa, Florida. From the campuses of St. Petersburg and Sarasota Manati. The USF enrolls 50,000 students annually, and has regional approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and the School Commission.

USF Online Bachelors in Information Technology focuses on programming, networking, human-computer interaction, and cyber security. Students complete 120 credit hours of the course, including 105 cores over major courses and specialization classes.
Information technology courses focus on topics such as data structures and algorithms, cloud computing, and systems administration and maintenance. At the end of the program, learners take part in the Senior Information Technology Cape Stone Project. The curriculum offers optional internships, during which students work in an industrial environment.

9. Regis University:

As a Jesuit Catholic institution, Regis integrates faith, cause and culture into its academic programs and campus community. Regis began as the only Jesuit University in Rock Mountain in 1877, later relocating from his original location in New Mexico to his current home in Denver, Colorado

The 120-credit online Bachelor of Science in information technology at Regis includes 45 credit hours for general basic classes and 60 credit hours for basic facilities and basic necessities.

Information technology degree seekers can get 12 credit specialization tracks in Cybersecurity, web application development, or general information technology. Students who choose the skill complete an additional three credit hours of the elective classes, while non-specialist learners take 15 credit hours of the choice.

8. Champlain College

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Champlain Canada also offers educational programs on campus in Montreal, in Dublin, Ireland, and online. Founded in 1878, Champlain provides faculty ratios from 12 to 1 student for more than 2 learners.

Bachelor’s degree in online computer science and information systems includes 120 credit times. Learners complete 66 credit hours of professional courses in the basics of networking, programming, and information systems. Additional Classes in Systems Design, Development, Security and Administration offer students the opportunity to pursue information technology careers in industrial fields.

Students can transfer up to 90 credits to the program, and may receive prior knowledge and academic credit for vocational or military training.

7. Florida International University

Built at the end of a deserted airfield in South Florida, FIU is the largest inaugural entry in the history of United States partners. With this inaugural class of 5,667 students, FIU has added an educational program to approximately 54,000 learners each year.

The online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology typically includes 120 credit overs, basic and optional coursework. The core curriculum develops comprehensive knowledge and skills on computer operating systems, computing and network security, information storage and retrieval, and technology in the global arena.

Through 15 credit hours of optional classes, learners can explore concentration areas in system administration, application development, network administration, and database administration.Before enrolling in the basic courses, information technology degree seekers must complete the required courses in Java programming, psychology, computer data analysis, and trigonometry.

6. DePaul University

Respecting the Vincentian tradition in both name and mission, De Paul runs two campuses in Chicago, Illinois. With additional online programs, De Paul enrolls approximately 25,000 students each year.

The online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, which includes 192 quarterly credits, gives students two track options. Learners can complete standard concentration or focus on their degree in web development.

Both curricula combine basic knowledge and skills in areas such as programs, networks and security, analysis and design techniques, and human-computer interaction. It further explores the concepts of standard concentration systems, application development and software project management, while specializing in web development emphasizes web scripting, interactive systems and web development frameworks.

5. University of Alabama

After becoming a hub for expansion in the UA, UAB became an independent entity in 1969. As one of the three universities in the University of Alabama system, UAB offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to approximately 22,000 students through 12 educational schools and colleges. The information system emphasizes business and management fundamentals as well as technical knowledge and skills in UAB’s online Bachelor of Science. Degree seekers can complete a bachelor’s degree in information systems in at least four years.

4. Murray State University

Founded in 1922, Murray State occupies a central campus in Murray, Kentucky. With five regional campuses and online programs, Murray State offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs to approximately 10,000 admissions.

Murray State Bachelors in Science online bachelor’s degree program in business with an emphasis on computer information systems. Associate degree students earn a bachelor’s degree through 42 credit-hour coursework.

3. Peirce College

Peirce College was founded in 1865 as a Union Business College. Originally founded to serve veterans of the Civil War, the organization provides educational programs for professionals working from its campuses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and online.

The online Bachelor of Science course in Information Technology at Pierce includes 121 credit hours. Applicants can transfer up to 90 credit hours into the program.

2. East Carolina University

Based in Greenville, North Carolina, ECU operates campuses, research centers, and field stations around the state. With 13 academic schools and colleges, the ECU admits approximately 29,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year.

Online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with concentration in information and computer technology functions as a transfer program. Those with a degree in applied sciences in an industrial or technical field must complete at least 60 credit hours of coursework to earn 120 credit degrees.

1.     University of Denver

It is at top in Top 10 Best IT online Colleges in USA list.Founded as a seminar in 1864, DU now operates as a non-governmental organization with more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. DU offers its 12,000 admissions to a faculty ratio of 12 to 1 students.

The DU Online Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology includes 33 credit hours for basic classes and 30 credit hours for major coursework. The core curriculum emphasizes creativity and innovation, organizational approach, leadership and the scientific method.

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