Top 10 Best Car Manufacturing Companies in the World

Top 10 Best Car Manufacturing Companies in the World

In order to go here and there we use different means of transportation.Cars are the most widely used means of transportation through out the world.There are numbers of countries in the list of excellent manufacturer of cars and other  vehicles out of them few are from Asia.Demands for Asian vehicle is increasing day by day that’s the reason  due to this demand vehicle manufacturers working round the clock to provide the latest version in order to fulfill all the basic requirements of its customers.Given below is the list of Top 10 Best Car Manufacturing Companies in the World.

10. AUDI:

Audi is recognized name in the world of luxurious cars.Basically it is Germany based firm having its headquarters in Zxickau.Audi was established by August Horch.Besides luxurious cars Audi also produce sports cars .Cars produces by Audi not only are fuel efficient but also extremely elegant and captivating  few very famous models of Audi are Audi A6, Audi Q7,Audi R8 and many more and no doubt it presents quite expensive cars having average cost in millions.

9 Mercedes:

No doubt Mercedes is well known and very old brand in the world of vehicles and transportation industry, but no doubt even yet Mercedes sustained its value and worth among its fans and lovers.people are still crazy about it.It was founded by Karl Benz right in 1886.Mercedes present vast variety of elegant and reliable cars , buses , coaches and many other types of automobiles based on internal combustion engine.Some very famous models of Mercedes are E-Class, M-Class,GL-Class Mercedes  Benz.Besides conventional cars of transportation Mercedes also produces 4-Door , Luxurious cars , Sedan & MPVs.


Ford is also one of the Top 10 Best Car Manufacturing Companies in the World.In 1903 is was founded by Henry Ford. Headquarters of Ford are right in Dearborn, America. It is well farmed in America as it is the only top ten manufacturers of America.Luxurious cars under Lincoln & Aston Martin brands are the prof of excellence of Ford.


Hyundai is well established car manufacturers beyond the borders .Hyundai is famous for its affordable but high quality vehicle making the dream of people to have their own fuel efficient and reliable cars possible .Market value of Hyundai is $41.5 and revenue about $75 billion and per annual profit is round about $7.6 billion.


Nissan is an Asian based car manufacturer company.Nissan presents hatch back segmented small cars which are great in demand.Market values of Nissan is round about $43.3 billion while its revenue is $113.7 billion. Annual profit of Nissan is about $4.1 billion.


People specially youngsters are crazy about BMW.In case of BMW its brand name is enough for satisfaction.In premium automobiles range  BMW gives brilliant style , speed , performance and durability .BMW is one of the most wanted and demanded premium brand of  cars.Market value of BMW is $ 60 billion while its revenue is $99 billion and its profit is $6.6 billion.

4.General Motors:

General Motors also has its market value and profit in billions.Though there are ups an down in a way of name and fame of General Motors but people still remember and like this name as an option to buy a good and durable and classy car.In Asian countries people are also fond of this  brand.


Honda is among the largest automobile manufacturing country in the world.Honda produces millions of efficient internal combustion engine based vehicles every year.After releasing its luxurious brand Acura Honda became the first automobile manufacture in japan.Besides car Honda also produces motorbikes , Honda Aero engines , Honda jet.Honda is the number one exporter of automobiles to the America. Honda invested about $6.8 billions for its research and development revenues.


Volkswagen presenting a diversified variety of auto mobiles from last few decades.Its  headquarters are situated in Wolfs burg, Lower Saxony , Germany.It is the first German and second world automaker.Literally Volkswagen mean “People’s Car” and its slogan is “Das Auto”  means the “The Car”.Its market value is $94.4 billions while its revenue is $252 billion with profit of $28.6 billion.


Toyota because of its classy , fuel efficient and huge variety of automobile vehicles is the leading automaker.It is Japan based firm having its headquarters in Toyota Aichi Japan.Market value of this well known brand is $167.2 billions while its total revenue is $224 billion having annual profit of $3.4 billion.

Hense given above the list of the Top 10 Best Car Manufacturing Companies in the World.But selection of car is also based of colors , its outlook and many other features some people like old style while other love to change the new versions of car every season so it is also the color of this wonder some has a lot while other has nothing at all.

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