Top 10 Best Alternative to VLC Media Player

VLC media player has been the greatest media player package for all the computer users, for a long time it has no competition and ruling over the people heart alone. But with the passage of time as the technology is getting advanced and a number of revolutions are witnessed in the field of software technology, now VLC media player have competition. A number of different media players are now introduced and some of previous get up gradation to above a level of VLC media player. Here we are presenting Top 10 Best Alternative to VLC Media Player.

10. Clementine 1.2.2

It is a multi-platform kind of media player that not only allows you to play your library collection but also let you to search and play music.

9. Full Player 8.0

Full Player 8.0 is popular for all of the formats; it is compatible with all formats and gives the quality audio and video experience. You can get the subtitles of your songs in multiple languages.

8. SM Player 0.8.6

At the eight numbers in our list we have SM Player version 0.8.6, it is a complete media player that have all of the basic features of media player like audio, video, DVD and VCD. It has some more finished features and still more versions are coming out.

7. Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.3

It is more or less like the windows media player version 6.4 but have some of additional features. It plays the audio and videos of all formats easily; you can burn your CDs and play number of videos or add them to your library as well. Most importantly it is completely free and no adds involved.

6. GMO Player

We have found it best and approximately compatible to the VLC media player and it carries the features that can beat the VLC. It has both simplicity and power, it is compatible for both audio and video and liked by the experts and the beginners as well.

5. BS.Player 2.63.1070

.The player is compatible with all of the formats and it provides quick playback. It handles all of your media files easily with a less stress on the memory and on CPU. It is a multilingual media player that switches between the two languages easily, you can book mark your favorite congas and add a lot of videos and audios to your player’s library.

4. Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5146

A well known and the most senior media player in the list is windows media player, at once in the competition it was the most annoying and unwanted media player but the latest version of windows player have made a revolution. It became one of the best alternatives to VLC media player. It is an all in one media player you can burn CDs, play audio and video online and offline as well and other than that it gives you a complete HD graphics display. It gives you a huge music library and also allows you to share your photos.


It is a complete revolutionary media player that allows you to play all of your musical collections freely. It is compatible with MP3, AAC, WMA and many others. You can play all of your videos with it and can browse internet audios and videos as well, other than that you can burn CDs too. It is available in 16 languages and completely supports the windows 7.

2. 1by1 version 1.80

1by1 version 1.80 is an amazing media player package that restores the second position in our list of <strong>Top 10 best alternative to VLC media player. It is a small, versatile and fast audio player that gives you freedom to make different treatments to your music library. It plays all of your tracks from the folders directly, remembers the last played track and allows you to copy, delete, rename and move track form one folder or list to other. The version has a better resolution and bugs are fixed.

1. KM Player version

It is a complete media player that gives you freedom to watch your videos, play sounds and mix them anywhere easily. It is one of the best competitors to the VLC media player at this age of technology. It is compatible for all kind of formats such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Real Media, Quick Time and others. It gives you a lot more options to handle the playback speed and also to set audio and video effects.

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