Top 10 anonymous publicize of Google

Top 10 anonymous publicize of Google

Many of us, there will be few people who have not heard about Google automatic driving vehicles, smart contact lenses, Google linces, glass and others. But these are the products or services, which are amazing in hearing but most people can not use them.

For example, do you know Google offers also help guide you to marry? Not, then know here about a few Google anonymous but amazing features which work.

10.Stop Watch

If you want to assign to a task on time or want to know what time you have something and you have not stop watch no problem just On Google search, for example the time required to write five minutes timer. There is a stop watch feature will automatically run as soon as the time comes before it will take and the alarm will also sound begins.

You can travel the unique solar system and other galaxies on Google will provide this byNASA satellite, SALOONDigital Sky Survey and bubble telescope.


Googlengrams is a great tool through which you can search the words of 5.2 millions books published between 1500 to 2008. By means of a chart you can see how much it was used over the years and now what trend is running.


If you have a very large geometry, such as the 92567816603 and write in English, then do not put very much emphasis on mind just on the Google search where at the end of numbers add =English, language will  automatically change, however, this service is only available up to 12 numbers.

6.Google Input

Do you want to work in Chinese or Urdu, Hindi language and font of the text in these languages or your computer keyboard or not? If Yes, then no problem with 80 different languages to a special tool called Google input keyboard you can type without downloaded.

5.Google Trend

Do you want to know what people in every passing moment was more of a concern? Most of the Google search terms to learn daily trends are the best source

4.Font Collection

If you are searching attractive English font and could not understand ? So Google is here, and there is font available free of charge, every font collection is too large, you will be surprised to see.

3.Goolge Scholar

Not easy to find any particular topic or thesis journal on whether you make the search on the Internet, but Google Scholar for this name is of professional journals and newspapers feature introduced to search information from very easy and it is very useful feature especially for students.

2.Google Art Project

Google art project is an amazing feature by which you can get pictures of such rare art works of the culture. These pictures are placed in the world’s greatest museum and that may not be easy.

1.Google Marriage

It is the desire of marriage? Don’t worry Google will help to plan your wedding, will guide you through how to expound what other acquaintances that the news, select a place so that a Web site, including creating a lot.

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