Apex Update 2.31 Patch Notes: Exciting Changes for PS4, PC & Xbox

Respawn Entertainment continues to bring fresh content and improvements to the popular battle royale game, Apex Legends. With the release of Update 2.31, players on PS4, PC, and Xbox can expect a plethora of exciting changes that enhance the overall gaming experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the comprehensive patch notes, detailing the key updates, balance adjustments, bug fixes, and much more. Let’s dive in!

1. Legend Updates:

1.1 Seer:

  – Hitbox adjustments

  – Minor range reduction on Seer’s Tactical Ability, Focus of Attention

  – Adjustments to Seer’s Passive Ability, Heart Seeker

  – Reduction in Seer’s Detection range for enemies

  – Increased cooldown on Seer’s Ultimate Ability, Exhibit

  – General bug fixes and optimizations

1.2 Bloodhound:

  – Reduced cooldown on Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability, Eye of the Allfather

  – Enhanced detection cues for Bloodhound’s Ultmate Ability, Beast of the Hunt

  – Minor bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

1.3 Octane:

  – Adjustments to Octane’s Launch Pad, now enabling multiple players to bounce simultaneously

  – Smoother animation transitions for Octane’s Stim ability

  – Various bug fixes and optimizations

2. Weapon Balance Adjustments:

2.1 Prowler:

  – Slight reduction in hip-fire accuracy to balance the weapon’s overall power

2.2 L-Star:

  – Recoil adjustments to improve weapon handling

  – Enhanced animation feedback for L-Star’s overheating mechanic

  – General bug fixes and optimizations

2.3 Alternator:

  – Slightly increased magazine size

  – Improved damage and headshot damage values

3. Quality of Life Improvements:

3.1 Ping System Enhancements:

  – Improved team communication through enhanced ping options

  – Additional contextual pings to provide better information sharing

3.2 Performance Optimizations:

  – Various optimizations to enhance game performance, stability, and reduce crashes

  – Improved server stability to provide smoother gameplay experiences

4. Bug Fixes:

4.1 Audio Issues:

  – Addressed various sound-related bugs, including footstep audio cues and incorrect audio positioning

  – Fixed issues related to incorrect audio queues during various in-game events

4.2 Visual Fixes:

  – Resolved visual glitches, such as floating objects and texture misalignment across maps

  – Fixed graphical issues related to Legends’ abilities and animations

4.3 General Bug Fixes:

  – Addressed numerous minor bugs, including issues with hit registration, menu navigation, and matchmaking

5. Seasonal Event:

5.1 Upcoming Limited-Time Event:

  – Teased an exciting upcoming limited-time event with new game modes, cosmetics, and challenges for players to enjoy

Update 2.31 delivers a significant array of changes and improvements for Apex Legends on PS4, PC, and Xbox. From legend adjustments and weapon balances to quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes, the developers at Respawn Entertainment have worked tirelessly to refine the game. With the promise of an impending limited-time event, players can eagerly anticipate new challenges and rewards. So, gear up, strategize, and embrace the exhilarating world of Apex Legends with this latest patch. Happy gaming!

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