10 Facts You should know about Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic calendar and it is considered as the month of blessings and gifs on the Muslims by the Allah Almighty. Muslims throughout the whole world celebrate this month will all of their will and dedication. Collectively, every Islamic month has some of the benefits and blessings for the Muslims and also has some of the blessed and remarkable religious events but Ramadan Kareem is considered as the king of all Islamic months. In this month the Muslims receive the countless blessings of Allah Almighty if they perform all of the responsibilities accurately and know some of the basics about Ramadan Kareem. Here we are going to explain some of the basic but useful fact about Ramadan Kareem so you can collect all of the blessings to your account in this beautiful month.

Check here 10 Facts You should know about Ramadan Kareem.

1. Ramadan is the month of Allah

In the Holy book Quran e Majeed, the Allah Almighty said this into the clear words that “Ramadan is my month and I am controlling its blessings. It means all the prayers, fasting and other religious practices which are done by the Muslims in this month will be directly deal by the Allah Almighty.

2. Have a big history

The Holy Quran’s first verses were revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the month of Ramadan and it was completed in this month as well. That’s why it has great importance and big history in Islam.

3. It is not about just fasting

In Ramadan Kareem fast is not everything, yes it is fact that it is compulsory for every Muslim who is perfectly healthy but only fasting or being hungry from morning to evening is not the actual demand of Ramadan Kareem. In fact it demand to show your fast in other matters of your life by avoiding foul language, fighting, singing and much more. You should be kind to others, try to praise Allah Almighty all the time so you can get more blessings and also can please Allah Almighty.

4. No Devil no distraction

The most important thing about Ramadan Kareem is that, from the start of this month to till its end the devil is caught up by the Angles according to the order of Allah Almighty. So, the Muslims can do their religious practice easily without any interruption and also get more blessings.

5. A test of your Nafs

In actual Ramadan Kareem is the test of your Nafs or internal stamina to control your desires. By having fast you have to show control over your hunger, by seizing devil Allah Almighty takes the test of your Nafs to clear that how much you became fooled by the devil.

6. Shower of Blessings

Ramadan Kareem is a shower of blessings if you do well to any person in this month then you will get the ten times greater reward then the other normal days. By the help of some small good works and intentions you can get too many blessings easily in this month.

7. Gives you the basic understanding of your creation

In all other eleven months everyone is just lost in his or her own world of desire but in these 30 days he or she came to know or focus on the purpose of their creation. All of the religious practices in this Holy month show us that we are not here to just enjoy the fantasies of the world but we are here to see the wonders of the nature and thanks to Allah Almighty.

8. All at one scale

This is the best fact about Ramadan Kareem that it takes all of the Muslims together at one scale. The Muslims of a region fast at the same time and they also break that fast together. And on the other hand hell of other needy Muslims with the help of Zakat and Fitrana bring all the Muslims more close to each other.

9. Have some relaxation as well

Fast is compulsory in Ramadan but if a person is unhealthy or over age or having any kind of serious disease then he or she has and exemption to leave the fast.

10. Night of numerous blessings

There is night of numerous blessings is just hide by the Allah Almighty in the odd nights of last ten days of Ramadan Kareem and that night is Laila-tu-Qadar.

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